Monday, September 16, 2013

Project A cafe

I was not in good mood for the past 2 weeks which I have a hard hurdle to cross for the moment in my life. I had been buzzing my friends for few weeks and the advice I got was, cheer okay, lead your life in happy mood rather than keep yourself in worry or sadness. Make your life easier and luck will come by. 

True. I agree with that point of view but most of the time it's easier to be said than done. In addition, I am that kind of person who REALLY LOVE to nag. There might be a hidden repeat button installed in my body and it just needs certain keyword to activate it then I can NAG non-stop. 

You see, this post isn't about what I did for the past few weeks yet I could whine for few paragraphs. Can't even write this much when I was given a topic to write an essay or a comment. What's wrong with me?

Okay this gathering was last Saturday. It has been a while since I last met with them. 

I was thinking should not stay at home anymore and shall go out to meet with friends. So this is one of the new cafes at nearby neighbourhood. The interior is nicely decorated, simple and nice. Finally I visited it. 

If you notice, 5 among the 6 having long hair and the ladies with long hair do not have short bangs. haha 
I guess it must be too troublesome to deal with the bangs therefore now we don't cut it short now (for the moment it is). 

And so, 3 in dark colour and another 3 in light colour as if we planned this earlier. Just another highlight of the day.

The second picture looks like it's a set of meal but sadly, it is not. haha
Everything was ordered separately but merely arranged it together for photography purposes. They do look great together, don't you think so? Perhaps price it at RM16.90 hahaha

Quality of the photos may vary as different cameras were used. Was playing with friends' Samsung Note 2 (as if it's mine =.=) and Samsung Galaxy camera.

My face looks like a fat meatball here =.= SO FAT AND ROUND...

Don't ask me why am I showing so many pictures of the same people with almost similar pose...
Because wa suka lah!!! I have not many pictures to show it here so ALL IN the photos that my friend sent it to me earlier.

Met a friend in that cafe who I met last last Saturday too. She was like so surprise, hey we met again coincidentally. hahaha That's fate!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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