Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taiwan Summer Trip Day 3

I browsed through the photo folder for day 3 and realized so few photos were taken. That's weird.
However, it does make sense because we spent most of our time in the transport and can't be bothered to take photos while we were eating. 

Day 3 was the day we got to wake up early to take train service to wait for the sunrise at Alisan. If not mistaken, we slept at 1am and got up at 4am to catch the train. Like I said, I don't have any thick apparel nor long sleeves shirt or long pants with me. I almost freezed in the cold when the wind blew.

*Some photos are grabbed (stolen) from friends' facebook album..lol*

I was so tired and cold, can't be bothered if the sun rise beautifully or it does not rise at all. The photos taken was at time not even 6am. Finally the yolk is out and we quickly hopped onto the first trip of train. 
We were too hungry, decided to just have our breakfast at the 7-11 store and continued to sleep before Mr. Driver arrived. 

Went to this place where the products are mainly made from plums. I merely bought some candies for my sweet tooth. Moving down from the mountain, the turnings never failed to make my head spinned. haha

Then we came to the Monster Village. Ermmm...nothing much to see or buy but it's quite merry.

 The famous Sun Moon Lake at Taichung. Hmmmm nothing much over there also lol. 
We spent our night after dinner at Starbucks. The dinner for that night was horrible *shake head* but I shared a plate of fried rice with my friend and luckily that plate of rice wasn't that terrible + horrible compared to the others. 

woohoo the end of typing out the 3rd day of the trip in Taiwan. 
It's better for me to type and schedule everything when I have the mood to do so. 
Life is interesting yet boring sometimes. WHYYYYY

Wisdom is only found in truth

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Ken said...

Love the breath-taking scenery of Sun-Moon lake Taiwan :)