Friday, September 06, 2013

Taiwan Times Village

Went back to 100 years before to check on Doraemon, now follow me continue to turn back time to old days of times in Taiwan. The setting inside is so old school and retro but we wore too modern. The entrance fees is NT150 and don't worry you will get hungry roaming inside because it's actually a shopping mall and eatery. 

And then I decided to go on duty at the duty post. Officer came therefore I stood quite straight. #crap

He does have the look of those scheming police officers at neighbourhood. hahaha

For so long I didn't touch a chalk and use it to draw. #thosedaysinschool

I did not specifically wanna feature this friend in this post but just that he has too many those funny photos which I thought I should share with everyone. 

Thanks to the creation of timer therefore our group picture created.

I was dreaming that I could be snow white, so beautiful!!

Then we move on to next destination. One museum to see the making to Taiwan mochi.

Everything was fine until the car moves higher higher up to the mountain. Taiwan is famous for having so many big and small mountains, travel to everywhere is like the road to our Cameron Highland. I have no idea since when (or maybe I do have it all time) I develop such serious motion sickness in me. It rarely happens when I am riding the car unless it's stuffy and driver brakes so hard each time every 30 seconds.

It normally happens after I ride the roller coaster.  

That's me with the face of I-feel-like-the-whole-world-is-spinning. Everyone else was fine except me. So maybe it's my problem and it has nothing to do with the seat in the car or the air-conditioner. Another disaster was, we were making our way to Alisan and I didn't expect it to be THISSSSS freezing cold. I thought it's summer so the temperature difference wouldn't that big and I didn't not check on it so I only brought along a very thin cardigan which basically doesn't give much protection. 

They all were so happily enjoying their ice-cream at this cold weather. At that very moment, I just don't wish to eat anything. Think it back now, aisey, so rugilah didn't get to enjoy. Anyhow, I did squeeze a smile for this picture at least not that regretful for not leaving some nice memory behind at this place. 

One travel tips to share: 
Don't be so stupid like me think that it's summer therefore not even any piece of long sleeve garment or long pants in the baggage. Bring one set of them and one jacket that could keep you warm when you need it. 

Done posting. Bye bye~~

Wisdom is only found in truth


HenRy LeE said...

All look so vintage!!! I wanna visit that place one day :)

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