Sunday, October 06, 2013


It's a good weather Sunday!! I got up a little later than usual but with a good mood though. So, had brunch with my family then went for shopping with my sister. I played the role as the driver and my sis was (always is) playing the role who has to pay my bills. Thank you!!! 

Today is probably the happiest Sunday I had for the past few weeks. Sometimes shopping mall is dull when pretty things are too expensive or cheap things are too ugly. We did manage to spot some affordable stuffs and bring them home. Okay, this really did cheer me up a little and reduce my stress a little too. 

The happiest thing is none other than my niece who used her mum's iphone then searched for Line icon and then sent an audio message to us saying 'Ah Yi, lai (come)'. She's asking me and my sis to her house to play with her. awwww so sweet of her!! I really really love her voice, so soft so sweet and so lovely. I went soft when she calls me ah yi and when she says bye bye. Her 'bye bye' sounds really really cute!! 
Now, I miss her =( 

Oh yeah, yesterday went to a party at friend's house and 38 38 for few hours. When was the last time I party? I cannot remember. Now all I would love to do is to stay at home and stare at the walls. Just kidding lah, staying at home means I don't have to spend extra but doesn't really make me save. Screw...There's always online shopping, remember this!! 

Okay, it's Monday tomorrow. I don't shout ahhhhhhhhh Monday's blue yet, maybe soon.
Life is short and cool so live it!!! 
Done telling story to myself and shall continue to stare at the wall. 'bye bye'

Wisdom is only found in truth

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