Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

The past 2 weeks were great, especially the awesome weekend that I had few days ago. Shall blog about the awesomeness in next post and this post dedicates to the awesome weekend which I had at Melaka more than a month ago. Finally I am willing to sit down and record down my experience at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka. Always and always, I sound and act like a country bumpkin then Pumpkin Wann will possess on me. 

We had our lunch before moving on to Hard Rock cafe. I insisted that I wanna go in and relax myself. haha
We were seated at the high table until we requested for a change. No intention to order food but only beverages somehow our initial seat was just right next to the kitchen entrance/exit, we went wow each time they served a dish. 

Managed to convince or persuade the guys to order food so we could share a little. This set of burger tower is shared by the guys, not only because the girls don't eat beef but also we couldn't fit another main course into my bloated stomach. Drinks are fine though.

Everyone has an individual photo for the day. All are candid shot and I took this last picture. Don't mess with me when I get hold onto the camera. BUT...please do not do this to me!! haha
He weiiiiiii...walao after I pressed the shutter. Sorry, it's too late.

These children are from strangers from 2 different families but anyhow made friends at Hard Rock Cafe and played together. I think I should learn from them so I could make more friends too.

It would be great if we visit at night so we could enjoy the live band's performance then shake and sing along with them. C'mon everybody!!

That's me and my lemonade, the cheapest drink in the A la carte. hahaha Others are mostly RM20++ onwards...okay wait for the increment of my purchasing power and I shall order one of them in the future. 
Went to walk around at the souvenir shop and came out empty handed. I did not do it on purpose to make myself sound like a pauper (although I am one) but really cannot afford to buy those items at that price. Somehow I find their tumbler priced reasonably, almost the same as others. However, I don't have a thing in tumbler collection though. haha  

Hard Rock Cafe is situated next to the Melaka river, right opposite the Red Houses which is really an advantage for the cafe. I wanna visit there again to try out their main course though price is slightly higher than normal cafe. Telling myself, it's fine to pamper myself once in a while. *close one eye*

Yo my wallet and bank account, when will you grow fatter? =(

Wisdom is only found in truth

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