Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jiu Zu Cultural Village - One Piece

Comes to the 4th day of my Taiwan summer trip. Oh yeah, have been waiting to visit this Jiu Zu cultural village at Taichung. The main reason is to visit the One Piece themed area. All of us gone crazy to collect One Piece characters' stamps on the paper given then used it to exchange a badge from the counter. 

Get a piece of the theme's park map and applied mosquito repellent liquid provided at the counter. Most of us got bitten by sand fly then our legs had so many bitten marks, red polka dots yet damn itchy especially we sweat. OMG

Next time go to a trip, must remember to bring certain ointments and medicine in a small pack, just in case.

Our visit was on 30th June and it's also the last day for One Piece theme to be there at the cultural village. I have no idea what theme do they have it there now. I am so glad that I managed to catch the last train. hehe

Grab this photo from friend's facebook. I shall not reveal the secret behind this photo but this is just too funny. It's an inside joke actually. haha

Was waiting for friends to queue for their ride and I anyhow chatting with a Taiwanese who brought her 2 little cute doggies to the theme park. For your information, Taiwan is a pet friendly country where most of them bring their doggies out with them to public area including restaurants.

She heard my accent and asked if I am Malaysian, yeah she's right!! She said she only been to Malaysia once to KK,Sabah and her sister-in-law is a Malaysian too. Immediately I can't wait to promote my country and welcome her to Malaysia but suddenly my mind gone blank. I have no idea which part of Malaysia is more suitable for them to go to so I said, why don't you visit Penang? You guys surely gonna love the place. I think I mentioned Melaka as well.

Oh yeah, my cute doggie on my lap is Latte!! She is so obedient.

After that, we checked into a luxurious room for hot spring!! I didn't join them but lying on the bed watching Taiwanese drama happily. All of us went WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW when we entered the room. We were wishfully thinking how nice if we could stay overnight there. Could also enjoy watching tv in the bathroom, isn't it so nice? The only bad thing is the door is unlockable and if you have naughty peers, sorry for you!! hahahaha

That's all. So lazy to write story nowadays. Bye bye!! 

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