Sunday, October 27, 2013

What can I do?

As per title, what can I do?

I feel like there's nothing I could do and there's nothing I am really good at. Whenever I encounter something, I would seek all sort of assistance and people would advise and help. But when it comes to the role changed, I have no idea what can I do to help people who need my advice or assistance. Seriously there's nothing (much) I can help. 

All these while I am counted as lucky to have family and friends there to help me when I needed them most. Thank you. But, I need to grow and one day I would have to face the problems all by myself when at that moment nobody could help. 

Now I wish I could focus on doing what I am currently doing, and be better at it and improved. Meanwhile, I wish I could be financially stronger as well. Ahhh after looking at Budget 2014, I came to realise my purchasing power is becoming tinier and tinier, cannot be seen. 

So, it's true that life is like a cycle, happy - moody - sad - happy . Think positive and be positive, overcome the current obstacles and embrace a better me!!! I hope all is well, wish everyone stays in good health and stay safe. Amitabha. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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