Saturday, November 02, 2013

Photos update

Yehllo!!! November is here. That's really fast.

Grabbed some latest posted photos from my Instagram account and make a blogpost.

It's Deepavali today. Wishing you a Happy Deepavali and I am enjoying this lovely chilly Saturday in the late afternoon typing out this post after I have done with my laundry, cleaned the toilet, swept&wiped the floor. 
I got this Kitty in Saree for like maybe 15 years? I don't really remember how long was it but it was during the time when the Kitty craze hit Singapore McDonald's and people never fancied this Indian theme. I got it in a pair but no idea where does the male has gone to. 

Nahhhh I never really celebrated Halloween so I just edited a selca picture and posted on Instagram. Yeahhh Team Gary here but did not go to see him when Running Man was in Singapore. It was at Boon Lay MRT station, that's really near. 

I found this cute pastazoo while I was doing grocery shopping with mama. Obviously, I grabbed one packet and put it into our shopping trolley immediately. actually tasted just like the others but in cuter form.

My second time of trying Uncle Jang's authentic Korean bbq. My favourite goes to the topping-CHEESE!!
Oh gosh, the cheese melted and mix with the ramen so when you put both into your mouth, it's totally mama-mia masiseoyo!! lol

It's better to wear as casual as you can if you are going for this bbq, waseh hot die me sitting right next to the claypot?? Have it once in a while is fine because it's oily and not cheap but definitely very filling.

I hardly visit Starbucks because I find their drinks are too sweet to my liking. And then another thing, yeah, it's not cheap too. That's my first time trying their marble cheese cake, O-M-G it's so yummy yet now only I knew it. booo~~ 

The best thing in October was the staycation at Marina Bay Sands hotel. I enjoyed everything there and of course the infinity swimming pool was cool. I never expected it to be quite deep or plainly because I am just too short. Took some photos and blog about it later. 

The macarons that I had tasted were hard, dried, artificial kinda sweetness and plainly the taste of dead sweets. However, these are by far the best I've ever tasted. These are from Sweet Spot, it's at the lobby of MBS Hotel from the entrance of Tower 3. I am waiting to try the other brands which are famous for their macarons. Yeah yeah yeah, again, macaron is expensive too. T___________T


I have been listening to their songs since I was still studying in primary school. seriously. I was 100% enjoying the concert till I got a phone call an hour after the concert started. I did not really enjoy the next 2 hours and cannot recall much what happened on that night after the phone call. 

Isshhhhh the part with the effect on the screen is the best part yet I cannot remember what songs did they sing. However, I am still glad that I went to their concert because their songs accompanied for so many years and it's in a language which I could understand and speak it. It's really shiok to sing along with them then move the light stick as the rhythm goes. 

So this is my little update from the past few weeks. Follow me on Instagram to see more photos!! haha

I am quite surprised a do-not-always-contact-kind-of-friend would come to ask me, what happened why so stressed up recently? I feel quite warm at least for few seconds. Since you asked then I will tell if not normally I would only tell friends who would understand my current situation and in the same field with me and who can give me better advice. Others never really know what does your profession requires and what do you need to achieve to get better. A to Z, unless you really reach stage Z or else you will never experienced and knew the requirements and expectations from the people and your profession. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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