Sunday, December 15, 2013

Doraemon Malaysia 2013

The  Doraemon's craze has arrived here in Malaysia. Finally!!  It's too far so I couldn't make a trip to the exhibition. However, I went to the one in Taiwan. 

For those who can't go (find it far just like me) and those who are going but yet to go, here is a sneak peek for you. Okay lah, when I was at the exhibition, my prior concern was to take pictures and didn't read their introductions or explanation. 

Seriously, I just simply love every single story of Doraemon. It carries a moral story behind each episode and hopefully kids would learn something from it. It is teaching the viewer through a relaxing and funny way therefore you don't find it boring. 

Doraemon's lovers shouldn't miss this chance of meeting your childhood hero. Nah, don't deny that you ever wish you own one cat robot like Doraemon which could grant all your wishes. You wish Doraemon could give you a bread toaster so you could print your notes on the toast and eat it, therefore you could answer all your exam questions on the next day and score yourself a distinction. Don't you ever wish so? You might also once wishfully think that how nice if I own Doraemon so you could turn back time, go to the future, fly in the sky or anywhere you wish to go is just a door away?

I was once so jealous of Nobita. He has Doraemon so each time he got into trouble and Doraemon will be there to help. He jealous and so angry that Suneo never let him play his new toy then Doraemon will surely give him a new special toy. Immediately, he will bring to the neighbourhood's public place to flaunt to all kids then he gets into trouble again. Don't forget, Gian is always there. hahahaha

Oh my god, if you love this anime (is it anime or cartoon) as much as I do, please go if you can. Not like I am paid to advertise it pun but just wish people could go and enjoy the trip.

It's at VIVA Home Expo Hall Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Loke Yew. From 13 Dec 2013 to 23 Mar 2014, a total of exact 100 days. Opens from 10am to 10pm.

Don't miss it!! Enjoy!!

*I think I am merely finding topic to blog so this space won't be stagnant. haha*

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