Monday, December 30, 2013

How was my 2013?

Exactly. How was it? I tried to recall from the first day of 2013 till now, the second last day of 2013 and I couldn't think of much things that is quite memorable. Of course, there are some I will remember for life and had written down on my physical diary book. 

Went through ups and downs. The most difficult suffering part is the downs which I thought I might just lay flat there and never get up anymore. But thank God I have friends in the same line who gave me advices and encouragements. Thank you. 

This year I only went for a 9 days long Taiwan trip. If I split it up, the number of days can make up 2 short trips so I am balanced. hahaha *self-comfort* I do made a few visits back to Melaka, one of my favourite towns. Where else did I go? I think no, quite well behaved for the whole year. erhem hahahaha 

Nothing much to flashback for year 2013. But somehow I think this 2013 makes me learnt a lot from all aspects. I have so much more to learn and hope to get better in the future. I am dreaming big (not day dreaming) to self-employed in the future. 

Living cost in Malaysia is getting higher and higher starting 1st Jan 2014 so I have gotta get better and reduce parents' burden. Hey non-Malaysians, WELCOME TO MALAYSIA!! *trying to promote Malaysia* 

Too many news about foreigners got hurt/robbed/killed in Malaysia might frighten them to make a trip here. So I wish government could really do something to stop all these craps and protect the residents and visitors in this beautiful land. I have too much to wish for so I think I should just stop here before I gone wild. 

Last resolution is to learn what my friends did (to me) - DON'T REPLY MESSAGES. hahahaha
I started doing it already if you realise. Friends said if you don't know how to reply and don't wish to reply, just ignore and pretend you never saw/received the message.
It's like so rude and immature way of doing it but no worries, since everyone (I mean majority) is doing it, it's fine to follow the trend. Am I right?! But gotta remember one rule, you reap what you sow. One day if you wait for the reply and people never reply...I will play for you the Joker's laugh...WHY SO SERIOUS?!!!

Happy New Year!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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fongE lee said...

Happy new year !! *fireworks fireworks*