Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Hohoho Merry Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It's a public holiday!! *love it* I got up in the morning then start doing first round spring cleaning before CNY, throw unused items away to make space for new items hehehe. Sweep&mop the floor then clean the toilet, I FEEL WONDERFUL!! 

This cutie came and offered to help me. The mop is taller than her, how to mop?!! hahahahaha But still thank you so much though.

We went to shopping and long car queue waiting to enter into the shopping mall's parking place. Everyone grabs this chance to do last minute shopping for Christmas party at night (maybe) or shopping plus dining or shopping for new year or just to join the crowd for fun. 

Came home and spent my afternoon with Running Man latest episode - Christmas Nightmare. 

Such a boring Christmas right? But I find it quite enjoyable because I finally have time to clear those things and my room is so much cleaner now LOL spending quality time with family is irreplaceable. I am that kind who will definitely wait for 12am then count down for most of the festival but last night I slept at 11pm+ just plainly too tired. 

I told my friends, I start to feel old and don't like crowd but stay at home doing what I like then turn in early.
This is life. 

I bought this Christmas themed ukulele as Christmas present for myself. I have always wanted a ukulele, don't know how to play but just wanna own one to keep. I saw this cute red ukulele at reasonable price then I bought it. It comes along with a bag for it, that's really cool. So much easier for me to keep it in my wardrobe. 

So now I have a guitar and a ukulele but not knowing how to play them both. Too crazy!!

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