Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I am trying to post photos which I have yet to post it here now but I am lazy. My lovely LKK laptop has been throwing tantrum since months ago. It loves to turn off by its own while I am in the middle of using it to watch drama or other stuffs. Hmmmm...please continue to serve me!! It's not the right time for you to retire yet, please!! 

When is the next PC Fair? Should I get a desktop computer with super big monitor screen to watch drama until shiok shiok or get a laptop so I could snuggle in bed with the screen next to me? Until today I cannot get a conclusion over the debate mainly because I don't have to change it yet. haha On the other hand, I have another dilemma. Should I get an iPad Air or wait for iPad mini 2 to launch?

Okay, everything is purely on wishlist yet to realise but what's wrong with putting all items on the wishlist? Hohoho I shall realise them one by one even if it takes 100 years. Regardless how little or how big you earn, must always reserve money to 2 funds - Emergency fund and Travelling fund. I don't buy expensive/branded items but spend money on small items which I don't really need them. That explains where my money gone to. Oh yeah, my pot belly is also the place where I 'save' my money at. That's ridiculous. 

Do you suffer from post-drama syndrome? For example, you have done watching a drama which you really like and now you can't find another nice drama to keep going. Besides that, you got hooked up by the drama's soundtrack and the songs lingering in your mind. You are humming or singing them wherever you go and hoping to listen to it on radio randomly then you will smile to yourself secretly. 

I have this syndrome since lassssssssssst time. The songs will be on my playlist till I found other songs to replace them. How come they are so good at choosing songs to be played in the drama? Like the rhythm and lyrics are like tailored for the drama. 100% matching!! 

Fuyoh wrote so much today. I hardly telling craps here now because I have found another platform to tell whatever rubbish I want to. hahahaha So how to know which to post what..? Nooooo I just write whatever I want to. By the way, it's Wednesday already. woohoo 

Still in the midst of discovering a nice drama to watch. Waiting for friend to introduce as well. 
Ermmm I wanna go travel!! Yeah I thought I just blogged that I would prefer to stay at home and rot during my free time to enjoy ME time but...I love to travel to another place to experience things I couldn't learn from the books or people but be there myself. That's why a travelling fund is needed. Looking forward a free and easy trip which I could totally rest my mind and relax my body. *daydreaming again*

Wisdom is only found in truth

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