Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I am already lazy till don't know how to title my post entry. Today is a public holiday and I finally could sleep till I song baru wake up. It's more like a weekend for me to rest since I partied so hard for the past weekend. 

Haiyoh I really wanted to update this space but just too lazy to find something meaningful to update here. 2 more weeks to Lunar New Year. I am quite looking forward to it!!! It's the time of the year to meet so many people in few days and to eat and play restlessly!! woohoo

I am slowly getting what I want item by item, yaya not any goal or target but just items on wishlist. Then sometimes when I tell this to myself I would definitely thought of the nursery rhyme lyrics which is about a pair of birds laugh at a snail for climbing up the tree so early and the grapes are not ripe yet. They laugh at the snail so stupid coming so early, why don't wait till the grape is ripe baru datang. 

I feel like I am the snail who takes a small step at a time and takes longer time to reach my target compared to others but in the end, I will be there too. This is my motivation and to stop myself to let others' critics and comments to pull me down. I have to endure the hardship I have to undergo now and enjoy the sweetness of the fruits I plant from now. Bitter first, Enjoy later. 


Wisdom is only found in truth

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