Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mr. J French-Italian Restaurant


I am his fan who loves his music secretly with small action like buying his music album only. Never attended any of his events or concerts anywhere. Fine!! There will be a chance someday. 

Since it's his birthday today, I shall blog about my visit to his Mr.J restaurant at Taipei during my trip in last July. I cannot believe that this time I actually have not done blogging a trip in such a long time. Same excuses never get old, I am lazy and no time to record down. I know it is a matter of I want to do it or not...Late is better than never. 

Ta-dah!! This is one of his restaurants which it is themed by his first self directed movie 'Secret'. Even the famous piano is right there for you to take photo with it. Like I said, I am his fan therefore I got overwhelmed by everything in the restaurant. Forever I am worse than a country bumpkin enters into the city.

He placed his awards in the restaurant and flaunt it. hahaha No lah, it's better to show to others rather than keeping it at home/office, shiok sendiri only.

Aiyo aiyo I bought this set back to my room!!! And also the towel behind the robots (it is a robot that can move). I still bought another bigger figurine, show you later. So I spent like around RM150 for the merchandise and meal. Tell you honestly, if it isn't because I am a fan of his, I won't be willing to pay for the price. I know those merchandises are backdated items which were sold at his concert like in 2009 or 2010 bah. Those are still the original items from the rightful seller. hahaha

You cannot believe me that I actually walked out from the restaurant feeling so happy and a little victory in my heart. It's the same like you give a lollipop to a little kid but the difference is I don't express my happiness all on my face.

Another good thing of dining there is they only play Jay's songs. That's really wonderful for me!!!! So warm.

This one is just to show you, I was sitting on the chair which Jay Chou sat it before. *dancing and hopping happily* I touched on the keyboard which he HAD played on it *another round of dancing and hopping*

I look damn horrible in this picture but still I post it here. It's only because I was holding its menu. hahaha This is the least horrible amongst all pictures which are taken at this distance. Damn fat and ugly that I don't want to mention.

What's so special about the garlic bread and mushroom soup you ask? No, it wasn't really so yummy but same like the others, like I said it's from Jay's restaurant, must post lah.

The couple is imitating the pose of Jay Chou and Gui Lun Mei on the poster.

We have this friend who drinks alcohol like drinking sky juice every day. Therefore he is the only one who ordered this glass of red wine to complement his main course then eating like a towkay. haha

This is the most expensive meal that I had in Taiwan. Those who had been to Taiwan surely know you can get a bowl of rice or mee at NT$30 even if we went to night market buy at so many stalls, still cheaper. However, this meal only cost me NT$300+ if I did not remember the price wrongly.

I ordered a set meal which consists of a salad as appetizer, pasta as main course then a glass of lemon tea. It's like the price range in other Western cuisine restaurant. I enjoyed the whole dining experience that's why I think okay lah.

I ermmmm so crazy, took a piece of this tissue paper back home purely for the logo printed on it.

Oh yeah forgotten that each set comes with a dessert as well. Where to get this ho kang tao at my hometown?

If you can read Chinese characters then please read #6 hahahahaha We were quite satisfied with everything there except that boss' not in. LOL
Each of us got a souvenir from the restaurant as a token of appreciation like that. It's one of the concerts' merchandise too. I got a fan with big big comic Jay on it. It comes handy when there's power failure in the house yo!!

Lastly, I also bought this blue hair Jay figurine from his restaurant and brought it back to Malaysia yo!! I was hesitating if I should buy it since it's NT$500, not too expensive but not very cheap also mah. Besides that, my concern is WHAT TO DO WITH IT? See me hesitating then friends started to psycho me, you don't get to come here often and buy it since you like him so much.

CALL!!! BUY!!! Huat lah and now HE IS MINE!! hahahahaha

I did not edit any of the photos here but still took me 2 hours to complete this post. You say lah, I said no time to blog, ada cakap bohong tak??

If I ever visit Taipei again, I wanna dine there again. This restaurant is situated in one of their local universities. Hmmmm the medical school. Prepare money to buy their merchandise and tell Jay, take all my money!! hahahaha

He better wait till I am free and save enough money before he starts his world tour concert again. 1 day 1 Ringgit should be fine. 365-18 means that by the end of this year, I should have RM347 in the so called Jay Chou's concert fund. #saysayonly #dontlahsoserious

HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again to Jay Chou!!! Faster get married and also...I am waiting for your new album =)))

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