Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My 2 days 1 night to KL

I always have the feeling that 'I thought I just blogged yesterday' but when I come to this space and look at the date of last post, it usually is at least 4 days before. When did I get busier than before and lesser time to rant here? 

Anyway, shall blog about the latest outing with my girls to KL. The last time I went to KL was more than a year ago. We settled at Empire Hotel for a night. I especially love the spacious bathroom with a bathtub and platform. I want such bathroom in the future too!!! So pai seh to say it's always my first dining experience at Chili's. Give me enough time and I surely could finish the whole set of sandwich with fries. And then I bought a cup of Juice works to soothe down the heat (as if). 

Did few hours shopping at Sunway Pyramid. Too many shops, too little time and not enough money. I didn't know there's a H&M over there. Perhaps next time shall dedicate whole day to just Sunway Pyramid in my next visit. 

I have heard of friends recommending of Tao buffet dinner since last time. Finally I have tried it. I find it overrated by my friends though, it isn't that yummy and not worthwhile for the price paid for the food quality. However, I did enjoy the dining session with friends and catch up with them. 

For Japanese food, I would recommend the Japanese restaurant at Crystal Crown Hotel in JB. Cheaper price for better quality food even though it's not buffet style but quantity is enough to make you puke if you order bento set. 

Not forgetting to take a group picture before we dismiss. There's a Gangnam 88 at Sunway Giza Mall and I wanna try it next time. I have mark it in my list although I have no plan to go up to KL any sooner. hahaha

We decided to check out early and forfeit the free breakfast served by the hotel. I happened to search this Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery online and got attracted by the pictures on its website. Okay, the location is very near to the hotel we stayed. Frankly speaking, I got a little disappointed after looking at its exterior and interior. 

This cafe is run by a Japanese lady who speaks Japanese to her staffs and she speaks completely Jap style English which we could only guess. Thank god there are pictures on the menu so at least we won't get our orders ordered wrongly. However, the portion of the breakfast set is not enough to fill my tummy!! 

Pavilion is always so into festive with those fancy fancy decorations. Now I remember its name, it is Moon!! 

The last time we saw each other was during our graduation ceremony in Oct 2012. That's too long!!! She is the founder of Nineteen89 Boutique, may have a look at her Facebook page here. We met up and not knowing where to go then we sat down on the bench to talk for an hour. I never realised it's time for lunch and breakfast I had is not enough. And, I never knew the cafe - Tous les Jours which I so wanted to go is so near already yet I sha sha sat at the bench chatting with my friend instead of yumcha at the cafe. 

Told my friends I would meet up with them at Times Square at 330pm so I rushed over there at 330pm sharp. I was too hungry and stopped by my favourite stall - Auntie Anne's to buy my favourite pretzel. I thought I was late and afraid my friends would scold me therefore I quickly swallow half of the pretzel to fill my stomach and drink the iced lemon tea to stop the thirst. Imagine I talked to my friend for 2 hours non-stop. hahahaha If anyone saw me eating must be thinking, eh amoi you dah berapa hari tak makan? 

I still managed to do some last minute shopping at Times Square too. Grabbed a few pieces and I am a happy girl. 

That was also my first time jalan-jalan at Tokyo Street. Fine least my first time could meet up all these cute Line characters. Brown looks emo or proud, what do you think? Moon definitely looks pleased to take picture with me. hahahaha 

The end of my post. Thank you kawan-kawan for accommodating me for those 2 days 1 night. Now work hard and earn more. Ideas ideas please come in, I want to be an entrepreneur too!!!! 

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