Sunday, February 09, 2014


Yesterday (am writing this on 09/02/2014) was a day full with activities and good news. The night before I started to get really anxious and sighing here and there till my sis beh tahan asked me, what exactly happened to you? what's wrong with you? 

12a.m. sharp is the time where Hokkien people send their prayers to Ti Gong. This year I did not go to my friend's house but stayed at home. We purposely went outside to experience the atmosphere and see fireworks. We too grabbed the opportunity to pray to the Gods as well. Btw, 8th Feb is my sister's birthday. That's why she was so gila to go outside with me to gila. 

I almost couldn't sleep but still forced myself to sleep. I got up at 7am and quickly check if that super important message has sent to my phone, checked and see none. Continue to close my eyes but barely asleep. Almost 9am, message alert!! That's the tone I have been looking forward to yet dreading to wait for. My heart was racing sooooooooooooo fast as if I was going to confess to someone or someone just confessed his love to me. I prayed to the Gods and chant before I read the message. 

Wooooooooow good news good news. Thank you thank you!!! Then I went downstairs to spread the news to everyone. hahaha 

Due to the overwhelmed thankfulness and happiness, I did not estimate the correct timing to dress up nicely for the secondary schoolmate annual CNY lunch gathering. I slammed on whatever is found in my make up pouch onto my face and grabbed my bag then ciao. 

You see you see...all leng luissss...luckily I did not go with bare face. Got difference meh, if you ask. Sure got least I slammed on foundation and compact powder then pores and ugly acnes will be temporarily hidden. I went around taking pictures using friend's phone. HAHAHAHAHA haizz blame on my phone camera always produce blurry pictures. 

Night time went for a barbeque session at friend's house. Initially I was indecisive if I should join but friend said will send me home then cepat cepat go. hahaha 
There were free fireworks for us while bbq-ing. That's pretty scary at the same time. 

This little girl was waiting for me to go home. So, the moment I reached home and called her, she greeted me with a super happy smiling face. Then she kept calling ah yi ah yi, sticked to me walking to every corner of the house. 

Again, she told me she wants red dots (the ugly acnes) on her face =.= She wants to be like me, she said pretty. Too naive lah you little girl. Then finally I have done washing myself and wanted to apply skincare products, she wants a share too. Ooooh dear~~ that's why you know why so many mummies wish to have daughters. 

Btw 8th Feb is also her parents' ROM date. hahahahaha 

Too exhausted for the whole day and decided to stay at home today. As usual, do cleaning jobs, do laundry and slack in front of the computer doing nothing. wow~~ no more sweet weekends as classes starting soon. 
It's another productive day. 

Huat ahhh~~~ 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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