Monday, February 03, 2014

My CNY 2014


Not too late to give my greetings here. Huat ahhhh~~ My celebration for Chinese new year is always simple and easy. I normally would stay at home and wait for relatives and friends to come. I really rarely do visitations from houses to houses since during normal days I don't appear in their houses too. LOL
But that's the purpose of CNY, isn't it? Dilemma. 

Played with BFF's toy and used it to wish everyone a safe and joyous new year ahead. Nothing is more important than being safe and healthy =)

That's my look on the first day of CNY. This is my first time curling my hair myself, so how is it? Hmmm took many photos and only picked the most presentable 2 photos to show because I took the photos and I have the control on which to upload!! hahaha Dread to see photos by others when I am not in the best angle of mine HAHAHAHA
 *Using The Secret* I am determined to look pretty all year long!!! CAN I? WILL I? 

Long journey to the North so nothing much to do in the car so took photos for my BFF. She was eating Oreo cookies and I teased her for being toothless so I took picture for her to see BUT SHE LOVES IT. 
She kept telling me, take more photos...I want to take photos!! Therefore I have a series of this bo geh themed photos. 

Suhui picked me up from my relative's house then off we went to yumcha at the new Starbucks. Back to the town I pursued my tertiary studies and managed to meet old friend there is always good. We are living in different states but surprisingly we could meet up with each other every few months. Shall meetup more!!!

That's my niece. The only niece who I managed to take picture with individually. We share same surname too!! 

Okay, not much photos till today. The end. Huat ahhhhh

Wisdom is only found in truth

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