Friday, February 07, 2014

Random update 07/02/2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

I dropped my phone down from the escalator on the day of CNY eve. It landed with face up so screen is fine but everything wasn't so fine after the fell. However, it did not fail on me for the next 1 week. 

This morning till afternoon my phone was perfectly fine too not until I came back and took photos then realised...the only photos left in the phone were just taken today. Well, this is one shocking news to me. I have so many photos left inside without backing them up YET!!! I totally have no idea how did they go missing and what went wrong? 

On the brightside, phone is still working - can text, can call, can take least phew~~ for the moment I do not need to fork out this amount of money to buy a new mobile phone to replace the current old dearly phone. It has been with me for more than 2 years though. As long as the phone is still functionable, needless to change. 

Okay okay...done ranting. Best time to snuggle in bed and snore!!! 

La Vie de Boheme is now available at all Anna Sui counters nationwide. (*>.<*) #ASFLVDB
Yeahhh I am helping to promote the new fragrance of Anna Sui - La Vie de Boheme...You could get it at the nearest Anna Sui counter now. By the way, blurry photo from my mobile phone's front camera and the fake filter effect make me having flawless skin. This is wonderful. hahahaha 

This is also my first time drawing such thick eyebrows. How is it??? You won't believe one of my biggest wishes is to have visible nose bridge. You also won't believe how last time I went through when people laughed and teased me for having big nose and no nose bridge but lesser (or no more) now perhaps people have grown more civilised and educated. 

I want to have a visible nose bridge but I dread the moment people point at your nose and say, your nose very plastic (fake) leh. You know that kind of nose, first look at it then you will go, this fella confirm did nose job de lah...Get it? Dilemma like that. haha

Wisdom is only found in truth

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