Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Journey 一路有你


This is my favourite local film to date. At first, I thought I would have to give it a miss since I couldn't arrange a time, couldn't find company or couldn't get a ticket when I have time and company available. Therefore last Friday I texted my friend to ask if she wants to watch it together and she said sure. And YEAH~!!! It's in the cinema for almost a month still it's full house for every slot, luckily I bought the tickets online. 

The trailer really did attract my attention and I must watch. Moreover, I saw many positive comments online saying that this movie is a must to watch. I am glad that I had watched it. Recall the scenes and the message it carries, I still feel so touched. 

For the sake of Bee's future, Uncle Chuan sent her off to UK to study. Finally she's back but got engaged to an English and brought him back home. 

The son-in-law initially was really stubborn, insists of driving his motorbike to deliver the wedding invitation cards to Uncle Chuan's friends. The journey there changed Benji's thinking of everything in Malaysia so as Uncle Chuan's perception towards Benji. 

In between many things happened, that's really sad. The message I received from those scenes is to treasure the people around you and never take them for granted. You will never know what is gonna happen tomorrow. There is another scene of Uncle Chuan went to a nursing home to pass the invitation card to his friend and learnt that the friend's son committed suicide due to stress. 

This is one of the scenes that is really touching, but I did hold back my tears not to cry. haha I am afraid of letting people to see me crying. If you realize, many of our local films had their cameras in Penang. For non-Malaysians who had never been to Penang, please come!! I am sure you would love the place. 

This part is really amusing. I guess director is using his way to sooth the emotion as Uncle Chuan was in a dilemma if he should attend his friend's wake as his daughter's wedding is around soon. Yeah, we Chinese are superstitious about the white and red events not to be clashed. 

And, this is Joaane as Bee in the movie. Oh my god, she is so pretty, don't you agree with me? 

The most touching part (for me) is when the solar balloon rise and Uncle Chuan went on it with one of his friends with the ashes of their friend. They are helping the friend to realise his dream of making this solar balloon and letting it into the sky. 

I remember watching Great Day in the cinema and also very touched by everything in the movie especially the little girl took the train herself and went to look for her grandpa. I watched that and thought of my grandpa and I miss him too. 

I really have to give the cast and the team a round of applause. Well done!! I am totally impressed by everyone's acting despite it's first time for most of them. Besides that, thanks to the movie I get to witness the beauty of Malaysia. I have never been to some of the places and I would like to visit them soon. It really does do justice to this beautiful homeland of ours. 

Since it released during Chinese New Year therefore it shows you how Malaysians celebrate their CNY in their ways. I got excited when I saw our Johor Bahru's Chingay parade is featured in the movie. Hey this is one of the reasons why JB is special. haha 

Cultural difference and language difference did not create a barrier for the Chinese father-in-law and English son-in-law attempting to understand each other and concerning each other. They slowly adapt to each other's habits and existence. Completing the solar hot air balloon together is the bonding time for them to get closer and understand each other better...and slowly accepting each other. That's sweet. 

Catch the trailer if you have not watched this film.

It's gonna play in Singapore's cinema this March and in Taiwan late of this year. I am pretty sure most of you gonna love this film a lot. If you cannot control your tears, please remember to bring a packet of tissue papers to wipe it off. 

The theme song 

The ending song is really entertaining and nice too!! Here

Exit from the hall and the team was already there waiting to distribute this calendar bookmark to the audience of this slot. At first I thought whoever watch this movie would get this but I was wrong. I went home and saw on their facebook page, only those audience of the time slot they choose to give a surprise will get it. I am one of those lucky audiences who got this. Apparently, it's because the team attended the Chingay in JB the day before and they were still in JB. 

And...I never realised I actually took the bookmark from the director of this movie until I saw it on its facebook page again. I heard him saying 'Thank You' to everyone. Hey Director Chiu, thank you for producing such heartwarming film and I really appreciate it. 

Last but not least, I am secretly wishing and hoping this film could win some awards. Good luck to the team!!! You might want to read it here to know more about the film. 

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