Saturday, March 01, 2014

Less than 24 hours at Desaru

It's M-A-R-C-H already!!! 1/6 of 2014 has passed. UNBELIEVEABLE.

Thank you for this staycation, short but awesome. Few days before the staycation I really got so stressed up by a job plus so many ridiculous incidents I met on the road while I was driving. This little getaway at Desaru did make me relax and energize me mentally and physically. We planned this a few months and I secretly waiting and anticipating this escape to the outskirt of the town, an hour drive away only.

The last time I went to Desaru was already 4 or 5 years ago thus this is my first time using this highway built in no idea which year. hahaha My friend purposely slowed down for me to take picture of this bridge, okok thanks for accommodating this country bumpkin. We really think that there's improvement and maintenance needed for the highway. It would be really dangerous to drive there at night though.

Checked into our room. Hey, the layout is slightly different from the norm and a little special. The door which we walk into after tapping the card did not lead us directly to the bedroom but a small kitchen and a living room. There's a staircase at the side brings us to the second floor which is the bedroom and bathroom.

That's the view from the bedroom. How is it? I quite like this design, it's a room best for 2 but not a home for a family. hahaha It's like a suite but more spacious.

Friend was busy preparing the ingredients for our sumptuous dinner but I buey pai seh invited another friend to join me for the photography session. I thought should let Blackstone start working and stop hibernating in the bag hiding in my wardrobe.

A very awesome and well prepared dinner. Thank you thank you. For guys who want to know my friends who can cook, please let me know. hahaha I should start to go for cooking lessons or learn a few tips from my mum. gogogo!!!
 #1 Initially she's kinda of bored waiting for the soup to boil.

#2 That's me coming into the picture and she started to look a little excited and happy.

#3 She looks extremely happy and ready for the camera. Cheers!!

Disclaimer: We did not ignore the other friend, okay?! I was just doing my part not to disturb her as she had knife in her hand. erhem...just kididng hahaha

We were strolling on the beach and happened to be there to enjoy the leisure hours organised by the management. There were some games, competition, fireworks and fire crackers performance. The night was fully occupied with lotsa excitement.

RM9++ cake was on 50% discount. We had two and hmmm...the texture of the cakes is really dry.

That's our view from the dining table. It's really so amusing to see everyone was so into the dance.
Beer drinking via long straws competition. Pretty ladies were required to stand tall at the bar and the fastest to finish the beer, apparently is the winner. The victory goes to Ms. Paris. That's how the emcee of the night addressed her. haha

Her prize for that competition is another pint of Tiger beer. uh-huh like not too bad...
Here comes the second competition - dance and twist on the bar!! DJ plays the music and you may dance whatever style you want. Again, the winner is Ms Paris!! This time her prize is a bottle of white wine. Congrats to her and salute all participants.

Next day.

The colours of the pictures are nicer during daytime. I like sunlight...
This photo is so beachy right? There's beach...sands..sea...people...and pairs of legs..LOL

That's the owner of that pair of legs featured in the photo above. He was really enjoying the beautiful scene in front of him and enjoying the scorching sun.

Here comes the only picture of myself half lying half sitting on the sofa bed. Pretending looking far far away, as if I could see the other end of the sea.

I like this picture. haha It's like resting on the arm chair at the backyard of her house. One day if you do have such garden or backyard, please invite me over for a high tea or Sunday breakfast. Call?!! hehehehe Friend friend mah right??!!

Too bad, we did not get to swim in the pool. Perhaps next time.

It was a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable less than 24 hours kinda trip. A little escape from the hustle and bustle city to this resort though we still have TV in our room and mobile phones in our hands but feeling more relax.

I miss the night sitting on the beach, enjoying the night breeze blowing on my face, Jazz music playing in the background, scrolling my phone's screen, chatting with friends, gone dazzling, observing the passersby, looking into the sky, appreciating the stars...what we missed out but a bottle of alcoholic drink to blend into the ambience. *smirk*   Alright, we compensated our loss with a popsicle stick from the convenience store.

That's the end of our staycation. I am looking forward my return to Desaru soon, perhaps with family. I am waiting to plan for next short or long trip...haiyo I wanna go travel around to rest my mind and enrich myself to be a better me.

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