Sunday, March 23, 2014

Line Rangers

Never ever introduce a game to me. Once I got hooked up with it, I need to play it on and on and on...never ends. hahaha Thanks to my friend!! 

So I started playing this game then even consulted friends who are playing this game too. I am totally bad at strategically dispatching my rangers I lose then I got fed up then I will continue to play till I could clear that stage. The cycle keeps on.  
Most of the rangers are Line characters. Look at the macho giraffe whose name is Dane. Place him in the middle is like the most rightful decision I ever made. So outstanding. hahahahahaha

This game is totally too addictive!! Quickly install it in your phone and start to form your own team!!

I want a nice pen holder at low cost but couldn't find it in the market. Just nice I came across a page of DIY ideas and it gave me this idea to seriously do it myself. I have a few rolls of this pretty yet really cheap sticker so I just simply stick them on the bottle and it is done!!

I am quite satisfied with my own work. Simple satisfaction, simply happiness!! yeah =D

Wisdom is only found in truth

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