Thursday, March 20, 2014

Once Upon A Time with the ladies

It was a late high tea session with the ladies. I was in the class when they asked me out for tea and immediately I lost my concentration in class hence I skipped the last few hours of lecture to join them. We set the venue at the newly opened cafe in town. My facebook news feed were covered by pictures of friends visiting the cafe (besides the news of MH 370) so let's go too!!! 

I love the concept of transforming the bungalow into a cafe which gives the patrons a feeling of vacation. The whole row of houses have slowly turning into commercial cafe or restaurant or bistro. This is cool as this is something fresh for us in JB. We want more of this cafes for us to hangout with family and friends but please do not get crowded at the same area please. It would be hard for us to get a parking lot when everyone is visitting. 

We chose an indoor seat as the air condition was really not good. Too hazy and can't stay outdoor for too long. A day right after our outing and rain God showed mercy, finally downpour after did not rain for almost 3 months. 

We ordered a slice of vanilla mille crepe and a slice of cheese cake which looks like a pie. I prefer that cheese cake more though.
My friend ordered this cup of coffee but...she frown after the first sip. She said it was too thin, can barely taste the coffee. Another friend of mine ordered iced chocolate drink and...she frown too. LOL She claimed it as a too healthy drink which can't taste the sweetness. 

This bacon and cheese thin crust pizza is yummy!!! I can finish the whole pizza by myself...maybe next time XDD

My friend asked me if I want to share a pot of tea with her so we ordered this. We were looking at the menu and amazed by the weird name of the tea. We did even warn ourselves but still we took the risk that the tea might turn out something we don't fancy. 

Absolutely. The presentation is good and it does not have much fragrance coming out from the pot. Took a sip of it...hmmmm it tasted really bland with no taste of what tea should have but a little fishy. If you wonder what's the flavour, it was lotus flower. 

Therefore we suggest the barista and the management should really look into this matter for the long term purpose. The food is not bad though so keep it up!! My friends said if they ever visit the cafe again, purely for the environment and will only order the food. 

I have put on weight and those extra fats just said hi to you in the picture. That pair of sandals cut my legs into two in the picture. hahaha That's first world problem when you are standing next to ladies with good body proportion. T.T

Just when we were struggling hard to take a picture of the 4 using phone's front camera, the staff (or perhaps she is the boss?!!) came to rescue. She offered the help and asked us to 'audit' the picture first, if not satisfy with it, she could help us to take a picture again. So I suspect she is (was) an accountant. hmmmm LOL 

Hey hey hey...overall the high tea session was pretty much enjoyable. Nice decorations, nice props, the cafe interior and exterior design and friendly staffs are the bonus but pretty much appreciated if I could have a much nicer cup of tea in my next visit. 

The other day Kelyn was telling me that she came across a blog which introduces cafes in Penang and she cannot tahan. So, to add on her beh tahan-ness, I introduce Camy's blog to her. hahahaha Camy is also a Penang-lang, on and off she would introduce some nice cafes in Penang. 

I am not kepoh about people's life while reading their blogs but curious how people do this and that. That's why I love to read their blogs. For people who are not making a living out of their blogs and still blogging, you should know their passion in writing and keeping a blog. I have seen people who thought they could earn some pocket money from their blogs and had gave up on doing it due to business, laziness and also don't earn/or slow.

How about me?! It's my interest in writing a blog since 10 years ago. hehehehehe Meanwhile I am so busy and lazy to update it. So which category am I in exactly?!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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