Sunday, April 06, 2014

Cingjing farm

I am currently so into blogging backdated trip post hence explains why I blog again. Throwback to my June-July 2013 10 days trip to Taiwan. We went to Cingjing farm on the 5th day. We apportioned the morning for the farm but something cropped up in that morning therefore we had a very fast view. However, we still managed to take many photos and bought some souvenirs.

So sorry to Mr. Chan for this photo. I just wanna say you gotta stamp on your hand as your ticket. Was it compulsory, I can't even remember it.


Get near to the forever sleepy looking sheeps. Hmmm they are kinda stink. 

We were lucky to 'take part' in the windmill festival they held during that period. There were so many small windmills over the hill.

Blue sky, green grass with beautiful scenery. How not to relax at this place but it would be so much better if it wasn't that hot. hehehe It seems to be a very nice place for photography session. Don't you agree with me?

Done posting about the first point we went to on the 5th day. A few more points to go but not in this post.

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