Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

It is a long overdue post yo!!
So it was a fine sunny saturday afternoon.
I was strolling around Marina Bay Sands alone.

I was too bored so I joined the crowd to watch this street football match final game 
which lasted for only 30 minutes. 

Malaysia vs Vietnam

and we got first runner up position. 

congrats and well done to the players!

Then check into the hotel room

Been to so many hotels
and this is the most luxurious hotel room I ever stayed
so spacious, super big bathroom, super big LED TV
of course, most importantly the super fast internet connection
even at the hotel lobby (open to the public)

so lovely!!

Dinner at Bay Sushi.

I somehow think that Itacho Sushi (the one at J.E.M) serves fresher and more yummy sushi.

Had the whole Singapore in my eyes that night.

Bought these macarons from Sweet Spot
Really so yummy!!! 
want some more please =D

 Woke up to this view
how not to love it???

Ready to dip in the pool

 So many skyscrapers in front of me while I am doing sun tanning
meanwhile I was secretly admiring hunks and beauty

 I did swim for a while
but no chance to go for jacuzzi =(

I had a very awesome 2 days 1 night at Marina Bay Sands hotel.
so so good and I wish I could go there again!!! 

I guess the engineers or architects themselves hate to wait for elevator at the hotel
or ever came across super slow elevator and reach your floor the lift is always full
but worry not,
they did not let this happens at MBS Hotel

the lift is super fast and always (almost) empty.
I like!!! efficient!!

This is a wonderful experience.
good good <3 p="">

Wisdom is only found in truth

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k e l y n said...

Omg omg how much is the hotel rate?!