Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Those days, my childhood snacks

Life is funnier and more interesting back in those days when I was still a kid in kindergarten or primary school. Speaking of primary school, I always repeating the dream of going back to my pri6 classroom with the same classmates but very awkward. I do not know why do I dreamt of it so often lately. What is the sign of it?

M&M. Every kid loves this colourful candy coated chocolate. Papa bought a packet of it from the airport so I store them in a beautiful bottle which used to keep the fruit jam. Don't throw your fruit jam bottles away, keep them and one day they would come in use. A standard size of glass bottle is priced at RM5 at 100yen store or Daiso, so why throw your RM5 away? 

It was a bright sunny Sunday hence beautiful lighting directing from the window. And beautiful picture produced. Colourful M&M deserves a photo on my Instagram. Yeahhhh 

That day we were discussing about the pirated M&M 'cause we said in those days m&m is expensive (as everyone is working now so confirm affordable lah) so we substitute with the pirated m&m comes in the number 8's packaging. It's just like how medical drugs are kept in, covered by a layer of aluminum foil. You poke it to retrieve the m&m. 

My habit is to use my nail to draw along the line and cover it back after I took the candy out. hahaha Then I will use it to trick my brother. Another fun thing is to use the red coloured ones as lipstick to draw on my lips. Yeah those days little girl who wanted to just like those big sista with red lipstick. My niece loves m&m too and my sister stopped me from teaching her 'my way of eating m&m'. LOL

"Paddle pop...paddle pop..."

Wow those days when I heard of this song I would get panic and start searching out for coins then barge out the door to buy the ice cream. I am not even kidding. If I need more time, right at first floor at my parents' room, I would shout out from the window, "tunggu tunggu" so at least the vendor knows there's a potential buyer. 

Sometimes when I do not have money to buy or don't feel like eating, when it comes still I would go to the window to look at it and see who's gonna buy it. 

Last time when I got back from school, I would look forward the mobile vendor to come in the afternoon. The vendor rides a motorbike which hang lotsa snacks, candy, soft drinks, breads and many more. He would press the honk which sounded like 'Pennu pennu', and that's the nickname we called it. 

If we had finished our pocket money and no money left, we will erhem drag our grandpa out to buy bread then we conveniently put our hands in to take a few packets of snacks out, wait for grandpa to pay. We would either sit on the swing or garden bench or eat it while watching tv. 

There's a night mobile vendor too but we rarely buy from her though. It is a van instead of a motorbike. 

Another mobile vendor who we really love his products is an old aged man selling flat maltose candy. Reminiscing the taste and still think it's the best in the world. A thinner one is priced at 20 cents and slightly fatter one ie 30 cents. I normally buy 5 sticks of 20 cents ones then keep it in the fridge. The taste is fantastic but couldn't get it anymore. Thinking of it make me feeling sad now. 

I wish I have a time machine so I could go back and learn the recipe from that old man. Those good memories are kept in mind. Luckily some childhood snacks are still available in store, at least it gives some comfort to the late 80s and early 90s babies. I too missing those old school sundry shop which selling almost EVERYTHING!! Little kids today have lost this kind of fun. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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