Monday, May 19, 2014

I love Ladurée

Speaking of macaron, the first brand people would mention definitely is Ladurée!! Everyone has been posting and saying this is the best of all, have gotta try once in a lifetime. Okay fine, perhaps I did exaggerate people's word just to make my story more lively and interesting. hehe 

The other day was reading a Singaporean blogger's blog on the title - Singapore's best 10 macaron in the mid night and I almost bang myself on the wall. It is a sin to look at food pictures at wee hour and my stomach would be drumming its special rythme telling me, hello fatty we need food. To not to regret, I just have to endure the 'seduction' and ignore the evil voice inside me. 

Sister was looking at the same page then she said, hey you have gotta try Laduree macaron!! It's expensive but it is also so yummy and chewy. (Then I secretly swallowing my saliva to prevent it flowing out)

Ta-da!! The next week she brought back a box of 8 back from Singapore!! I was happy. Finally had a taste on this legendary macaron. But it was already in the room temperature for quite sometime therefore not that chewy however still yummy. Even though apple flavour was a little bit too sour to our liking. 

Since it is expensive, thought wanna share share eat...then the next day night my sister came back from outing with a box of...

18 Ladurée macarons...but this box is flown in all the way from Paris yo!!! The friend gave her and I got benefited from the kind deed too. hahaha 

You know what? I have always dreamt of taking a picture of colourful macarons like this. Now, this mission is ticked and accomplished. Sister has been telling me really gotta try out the chocolate macaron so I had one as my quick breakfast today. 

It was kept in the fridge overnight so it is good. The first bite on it and I almost thought I was biting a piece of real chocolate instead of macaron. Sorry har, I sound like a country bumpkin who has never eaten a macaron but this is the first time I ate a macaron this yummy mah. I cannot tahan the happiness and blissfulness. hahahahaha 

This kind of little small treat could make me happy for a day long. Life is good. Have faith!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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