Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book: The Fault In Our Stars

Everyone is talking about this book on the social media and the reviews are very good. I have decided to buy the book and read it. Unfortunately, there's only this version of book cover available in the book store. On the other hand, fortunately I managed to grab this last copy on the shelf. haha 

The content is the most important part, so it's okay. 

The last few chapters really made me sobbed. Of course, the chemistry between Hazel and Gus does create some funny jokes and I like their conversations.

Okay? Okay. 

Those who had read the book or watched the movie would understand it. I am waiting for it to be here in the cinema and I must watch it too. And, I would have to bring a few packets of tissue papers with me if not later I got nothing to wipe my tears and mucus. LOL 

Now wait patiently for the movie. I have watched the trailer though. Looking forward.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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