Thursday, June 05, 2014

I have nothing to blog

Friend said, hey I have just done two posts and published. My first reaction is, seriously? That's good so I can read but meanwhile I am sad. Why do I have nothing to blog anymore nowadays? Everyone is back from their multiple long and short trips yet I am still stuck here for good. I need to take a break from everything and enjoy my life. YOLO!!! Second half of this year has to be good, please!! 

However, I am still pretty good at rewarding myself for every achievement I have achieved (self-deemed so). Life is good but I want it to be better, best and bestest yo! 

Currently, I am not in the addiction of any drama but TV variety show and a book yo. So unbelievable that I actually (could) read. I find it quite hard to believe too but yeah, old lady has gotta change her way of living. I have seen a few people reviewing that book so I guess I need to read it too. 

Ever since I redeemed my freedom, I rushed to the bookstore and loitered there alone for some quality me time. The smell of the books is great!! Of course, some books smell good because they are expensive. hahaha 

Looking forward this coming weekend. Fun O Fun =D 

This little girl had her birthday celebrated last weekend. That's her and her new piano with a mic (birthday present) and also her new dress (birthday present too). Looking so demure posing with the piano some more wearing that dress, all in pink, in a set. hahahaha

To earn professional marks, everything must ends with a conclusion so I have done writing this post boringly so I shall excuse myself to exit from this window and to continue with my private life which I may or may not disclose anything here in the future. No duty of care is breached.


Wisdom is only found in truth

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