Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swiss Garden @ Nantouhsien, Taiwan

The next destination after Cing Jing farm is (no idea what's the name in English so let's call it) Little Swiss Garden. Like I said, it was the windmill festival therefore every tourist spots was decorated with colourful mini windmills. 

I love to blog about my trip to everywhere but one thing I don't do is jot down the place, the price of the entrance fees/food or how to get there. So, I am writing everything based on my gold fish memory, it's somehow reliable but not complete. hahaha 

Okay, this is the entrance to the garden. Let's go!

 Ta-da!! The mascot of 7-eleven in Taiwan. He is Open-chan. Too cute so I must take a picture of it. Why didn't I take a picture with it? Good question (if you ask). Because my friends were too busy selecting their beverages and food therefore I myself happily roaming in the store with my camera. 

This is lavender.

*******one week later*******

Wow this is super unlike me. I was so in the mood to update my blog last weekend till midway I went out for a cup of coffee. After that, I don't have the energy and kick to continue the post until a week later, which is today.


The sun was too passionate. Everyone is trying to hide in the shade hence I have no chance to ride on this carriage. How am I suppose to reach my prince charming when they occupied the carriage all the time? 
hahahaha *LAME*

Now you can see how hot it was. We could barely open our eyes still have to take some photos if not no physical evidence of visiting the place. LOL 

I did take photos in the sea of windmills but not in my camera. That explains why you never see it here. Even after a year.

Done the post about Swiss Garden. Just showing photos and photos and photos. Nothing much to caption them. By the way, the windmill above is made of paper, cool isn't it? 

Ahhh...I am missing Taiwan already. I miss doing shopping and food hunting everywhere in Taiwan. It's okay, I will go back again for sure!! *Determined*

I had my tea and snacks at home therefore I could done this post in like two hours. Surprisingly right, I did not type much yet it still took me two hours to complete. Blame this snail surfing speed. Booo~!! The fastest in the world yooooo (giggling)

Has been a year long I did not travel already. screeeeaaaammmmmm... T.T

Wisdom is only found in truth

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