Monday, June 30, 2014

Watched two movies over the weekend

I am getting lazier in thinking funky name or more appropriate title to name the post. I watched two movies over the past weekend, that's it. 

Transformers 4: Age of extinction
Bought the movie tix and saw friend's review on the internet. I am not a hard core movie fans like him perhaps that makes me don't really see things he saw or he expected from the director and actors. I can't remember if I did watch all 3 Transformers movies but compared to previous ones, this time this one is a weaker. 

Bumblebee is not that cute anymore. He doesn't blast music that much anymore. I wish to see more real fights amongst the robots. And, I want to see more romance like hero fights to rescue his beauty. haha 

How to train your dragon 2
I did watch How to train your dragon 1 but can't remember what was the storyline. Was it Toothless who can't fly? (or Blu in Rio? hahaha) I did shopping for a few hours before I join my friends for movie so I almost thought I would fell asleep in the cinema. 

The script writer sent away the father, Stoick but has made the mother, Valka to come back to the side of Hiccup. But for the king of the dragon kind, Alpha...makes me wonder can it fly? LOL 
Besides, there's a scene where Valka brought Hiccup to see where has she been living at, it looks exactly like the scene in Rio 2. Immediately I turned to my friend and said, hey isn't this Rio 2? hahaha

Okay fine. Sometimes movie tend to be a little similar in its way. The race of the dragons made me a little excited at the beginning. It is also a little similar to Harry Potter's Quidditch game. However in this movie, the scoring item is the sheeps!! So cute~~ 

That's how I spent my weekend happily plus a little tiring for staying alert all the time. I want more such awesome weekend MORE! Sadly, my weekends will be fully occupied again and for my free time, all I wanna do is just to laze at home and do whatever I love to do. The biggest problem of an ageing lady.

Tada!! July is here, enjoy your rest of the month! =D

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