Friday, July 11, 2014

Birthday celebration @ G cafe

G cafe at Johor Bahru. When I first saw the name of the cafe, I find it very cheeky yet interesting. Most importantly, the name locked in my mind immediately. Hey, well done!

It was a Saturday so here comes the urge to wear something besides just shirt and shorts. Picked a denim one piece dress then went to meet my girls. Hmmm the lighting at our table is not bad thus explains the good quality photos (also of course thanks to friend's good quality camera). 

When I get excited, no one can stops me from blabbering non stop!! NO ONE =.=

Everyone looks so energetic and sleep well except me. Just look at my eyes, the puffy eyes, as if I have cried through the night but I didn't. I had 8 hours sleep and I don't feel tired at that moment. Hmmm..why huh? Any clue?

When there is a camera right in front of you, give a pose else you will regret the outcome. hahaha All are my old friends, I was in my comfort zone that explained why I got a little excited and high that day.

Thanks thanks. It seems like we said in advance to wear light blue attire but we did not. Sometimes things are just this unexplainable. I made wishes, not to reveal them here. I hope that my wishes will be granted.

Not to forget to take a picture with the cake. Let's smile and capture this photo, leave it here forever. The wording makes me slightly thrill. haha

Up next, individual photography session with the cake therefore I was pinching my eyelids to see if I could look better in photos.

Ready, get set, GO!!

How is it? Do I look better in this photo compared to first photo (up there) ? I guess so. Even if it is not, this is the only individual photo with the cake, no more.

Ta-da!! Her birthday is just a day different from mine. Do you think that there is resemblance in us? I don't know because there are people asked if we are sisters. But, not only her but with another friend too. haha

I personally quite like these two photos. I don't know, I hardly have presentable candid shots like this since I normally hold the camera then feel shy to ask people, eh help me take photo lah. Then I will be posing awkwardly in front of the camera. haha

Too lazy to make them into collage so I post them all to show my unbiasedness. All looking good so why not just post them all, right?

I wonder if it is the lighting makes my skin looks kind of flawless or my friend secretly edited the photos using the photo editing function in the camera. I like the outcome of the photos. You can barely see any zit, can't you?

Since this is my birthday post, I shall end this post with my photo again. It is okay to treat it as an #ootd photo too, don't you think so? I like my shimmering shoes which I brought it back from Taiwan. It's only NT$300, how cheap. In Malaysia, I can no longer get a pair of not bad shoes at this price. This is really saddening. Lastly, this angle makes my face looks sharper. wow

In the end, no any other photo to show you the interior of the cafe. You would have to visit it by yourself.

Okay. Happy Birthday to me and my friend. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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