Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kuso 3D Arts Museum @ Johor Bahru

Look at our outfit! I dragged everyone to visit this place after our yumcha and a little celebration at G Cafe. Everyone was enjoying taking photos to entertain ourselves. 

They even so thoughtful to give a small briefing session to teach us the right angle for photography. However, I did not really enjoy that 'lecture' because I just wanna quickly go upstairs to take pictures lol. Frankly speaking, the moment I reached the highest floor and looked at the condition of the place, the excitement and anticipation immediately turned into disappointment. Half of the arts are still not ready yet hence the working on it makes the whole place dusty, worst still we were in bare feet.  Another point to add on, the air-conditioner is not strong enough. 

Done complaining about my disappointment, now let me bring you on a tour of this little museum and the happy events happened there.

There's no photography assistant there to take group pictures for us but we were lucky to have the super friendly and passionate boss' daughter to be there to assist us. Seriously, thank you so much, little girl!! 

In a dilemma of choosing whether to be an angelic angel or an evil devil. I guess my choice would to be an angelic demon with this pair of beautiful wings. Ain't a Saint nor insane. And you know what?! Thanks friend for reminding me to put my feet together in this picture. 

Argh..I am just too used to be orang kasar. 

We had got superpower after we entered into this room. Don't play play, just look at me, I have reached the top and touched the ceiling. I might want to register myself in Avengers. erhem just kidding!!! I love how pictures trick the eyes and mind. If only the vases and items on the ''wall'' is 3D, then everything will be even more real. Don't you agree with me?

Who is the 3rd party? This is an open topic for discussion just like the essay exam question. For example, I see a girl at the park and... Please begins your essay with the sentence above.  Not less than 500 words. 

Geddit? hehehe This is a world full of creative and imaginative people you never knew. I love meeting them though.
And who says cupid is only for the love birds and not friends? Just look clearly at my friends' facial expressions, we might not be good at it but somehow I think we did put in some little details. 

Hi Caesar, you have got the most chio phone in the world. Did the scientist teach you how to use a smartphone too? 

Hi Goddess, you look gorgeous and my fingers just got itchy to pull the string of your lingerie. 

Everyone would be climbing real fast if they see a beauty rock climbing at this easy posture. phewwiiit right!!

Not to waste the photos that we took, I post them all!!! These frames are my favourite background of all.

The little girl looked at us and asked if we are sisters. Again and again, I think who ever thinks that she resembles me would just want to jump into the sea. Who the silly on the earth would want to look like me unless I look like Emma Watson. hahahaha

End this post with our groufie!! How is it? At last my eyes are less puffy at the end of the day. What's the purpose when no more photography session after that. hahahaha

Put aside my complaints above, I actually had a great time with my ladies. The most important thing is the bonding time. Of course, I wish to see improvements (unless I visit it again if not how am I suppose to know, right?) so people who go after me could enjoy more!!

I am longing for a mind relaxing long holiday be it just resting at home or maybe a short getaway from this city. I should really escape before I start to hate or get sick of this routined job. Close my eyes and start to imagine myself in one piece white lace dress walking bare feet on the beach, sitting on a beach lazy chair enjoying the rhythm of the wave hitting the shore and the breeze kissing my face softly. There's got to have a counter selling some snacks and desserts - hey I could smell waffle and coffee aroma!! 

Ringgggggggggggggg!!! It's time for work. Dreams are dreams.

Wisdom is only found in truth