Monday, July 14, 2014

Movie:The Fault In Our Stars #TFIOS

Finished reading the book then I waited and waited for this movie to release for so long. I went around to tell everyone, hey I must watch this movie! One morning my friend texted, hey wann, the movie you want to watch is OUT!!

Seriously? Then I couldn't wait and quickly buy tickets online as if millions of people are going to fight with me. Don't care!! 

I read the book so I know the storyline and who is who unlike most of the movies which I watch, I watch it merely for entertainment and know nothing of the movie before entering into the cinema. 

The last few chapters of the book did make me cry so hard. If you wonder why, I also wonder why. Therefore I was quite well prepared before entering into the cinema. I can hear my friend sobbing next to me and trying to hold on the tears, not to cry too hard. 

I would say this is a simple yet nice movie for me. No fancy outfits, backgrounds, scenes but really nice storyline. But sadly, I think that some scenes were cut/censored so didn't show up. It's a movie with laughters and tears.

Gus and Hazel Grace. They are a cute lovely couple in their ways. 

That pre-funeral eulogising part is kind of sad. From there, I get myself prepared that poor Gus is leaving soon. And yes, I did not shed a single drop of tear in the cinema at all. *pat myself, well done*

In the middle of the movie, my friend said, I want to find a boyfriend like Augustus too. Of course, it's his loving that charmed the audience, definitely not his disease. 

Sometimes we are just too afraid that we could ended up a burden to another person so we choose to shut the person out the door. Life is too short to hesitate and regret. 

This has to be one of my favourite scenes. Especially Augustus talking next to Isaac's ears as if he is both blind and deaf. That's hilarious. 

I think I prefer the book version over the movie though movie is nice too. But after writing this post, seeing those photos from the movie once again, I think I like both. I should find a time to read the book once again.

So one movie is ticked again. Any good recommendations on what book to read next? Yeah, I would prefer fiction. Full of imagination. hahahaha

Wisdom is only found in truth

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