Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our meetup at Melaka

Sitting by the window. It's a gloomy afternoon, is about to rain (again). It's finally a weekend all to myself. Phew, it's like after so long I have some quality me time to think about what have I done or gonna do.

Okay, I just made a cup of hot green tea and decided to write about my latest trip to Melaka. It is a long awaited gathering for many of us. Everyone is busy with own stuffs at different states so it is quite hard to gather most of us for a simply 2 days 1 night trip. 

Melaka. Ya, the place where we pursued our tertiary studies and where we got to know each other. It's a quite significant place for us besides it's in the middle of where we are.

They went to KLIA2 to pick up Kelyn who flew in from Kuching. I was still on my way to Melaka while checking out their photos then things get more and more exciting. haha

We checked into this little cosy homestay at Pangsapuri Kota Laksamana, RM200 per day. It's so much cheaper compared to the others. Steal it! 

Alright, cannot tahan anymore. Was too hungry and kept on chanting, I am hungry...hungry...

Too lazy to do any editing on the photos. So please bear with the quality of the photos. hehehe
We had Nyonya food at Aunty Lee's. Errrmmmmm the only dish that I like is this otak-otak.

First group photo. Say cheese!!!

Dessert time at De Reve Hair Saloon Cafe right after lunch. Hmmm have been wanted to visit this cafe after seeing so many posts about it.

The brownie is quite yummy but too pity, it's too small. One bite for each then it is finish. haha

And then in between of our schedule, we have no idea what to do hence it's singing K time. Awww the KTV where we used to go to to vent our anger or stress or whatever kind of mood.

Stop it here before I continue this Melaka trip in the upcoming post. Too hard to concentrate to write a full blog post. Bye!!!

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