Saturday, September 27, 2014


My friend tagged me this long ago and I thought I should sit down to think about myself now. Just anything I could think be it visible or invisible still facts about me. 

Let's get started!

  1. I love to blog. It's a way to keep record of my life, somehow it's like a public diary of mine for everyone to read. 
  2. I love to eat.
  3. Because I love to eat therefore I am addicted to taking pictures of food before I eat it. 
  4. For everyday I am shouting I am fat but forever too lazy to exercise or go on serious diet. #faildietplan
  5. I was borned with natural wavy hair and got teased in school. Lesser now. One of the statements was I look like a lion with that frizzy curly mane. T.T
  6. I am neither cute nor pretty but still trying my best to make myself looking good. #positivenergy
  7. I do have bad temper and serious mood swings. Typical Cancerian I must say.
  8. Hanging out with friends is one of my favourite moments. 
  9. Have been keeping long hair for 12 years. No idea when to chop it short yet. 
  10. I love to do grocery shopping. Pushing the trolley and throwing in all my favourite food. 
  11. I never like to talk to stranger, that's why I hate to call to make any reservation or consultation via phone call. 
  12. My favourite tea choices go to Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea. 
  13. Pimples start to haunt me and never go away from me. T.T #realsadcase
  14. I learnt when I travel so please bring me around the world with you. haha
  15. Regardless the time of a day, I must sleep with blanket covering me. e.g hot weather 
  16. I like to disturb my friends via social messenger. Damn excited to wish everyone when there is festive or birthday but now I select people to wish. I can kacau people to say, hey I miss you (thought very ang moh like that) but now only say it to selected people too. All these resulted from cold treatment or response from people. haha You people changed me!
  17. I enjoy deep conversation with friends (male or female) for whatever topic. 
  18. I used to play the electronic organ for many years but now I have forgotten how to read a music score. #doublefailmax
  19. Whenever I see any recipe, I will be tempted to try. Baking and cooking look fun. 
  20. I never liked to keep long nails. Feel irritating to have long nails, not convenient also.

Now you know me better, I guess.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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