Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our brunch at Limau Limau Cafe

Okay, I requested to go to Cheng Hoon Temple at Jonker in the morning and it happened to be the 15th of the lunar calendar so a bit crowded. Coincidentally met a friend there and he said he sees me everyday, I said what?! Then he replied your Instagram. 

Suddenly I got pai seh that I actually I updated my Instagram so frequently. 

Brunch at Limau Limau Cafe which serves the sandwiches that I miss. It's compulsory for all patrons to order a beverage each. Fair enough.

Group picture before everything was served. Not sure if you could see me.

The food look tempting, don't they? I want that sandwich right now, if can.

I find that all photos are so nice, shouldn't hide them therefore just post them all to keep a record for myself. It's not easy for us to gather at Melaka with full attendance (still missing out two members). This is the second gathering of so many of us after our graduation. 

I seriously miss those carefree days mixing with them, hanging out with them and thinking where to lepak and makan before and after lecture classes. Time really flies and now everyone has their own responsibilities at work, striving to be a better person and living a better life. 

Cheers to everyone for working so hard!! Work towards our target and let's plan for the next meetup or trip perhaps. 

We ended the day perfectly with this coconut shake under this super hot sunny weather that could cook any of us on the road. 

See you all again when I see you. Life is good when you have friends to fool around with. The best part is everyone is working in the same field so we have too many things to share with each other and learn from it. That's one of the best things. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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