Friday, September 19, 2014

Wandering at Changi Airport

Full with grandma wann's long winded story

Alright. It's a cosy Friday night and I'd settled down in my room with air-cond is on just to make some time for me to update this space here. I am on a mission to at least blog about our departure and the villa where we stayed. However, I hope I don't stop it half way here and continue the story after maybe half a month or longer. 

So let's get started!

We booked a limo to send us to the airport therefore we need to get up really early in the morning at 4 and leave at 5am to avoid massive jam at the custom. My friend came to pick me up to her house the night before so that I do not need to go over to her house so early in the morning which is like so dangerous. Barely slept for 3 hours and off we went to the airport and arrived at 630am. It's 2 hours before check-in time so we decided to roam to another terminal food court to search for breakfast. 

7am and we received a message from the airline telling us the flight has been delayed to 3 hours later than the initial departure time. We were kinda speechless but nothing much we could do besides cursing a bit and nag quite a lot using 'if only they...' hahaha I mean the sentence continue like this,,,'If only they have informed us earlier then we wouldn't come over so early and could sleep more' This is the example just in case.

So done with breakfast and we got too much free time in roaming the whole airport then photography session is all we could do. 

Then we chanced upon this photo booth at one of the airport and we got hooked by it. We spent good 30 minutes there to take photos, retake and retake, it's okay as there's no one queuing out there so why not!

One of the reasons why it's so fun to play with is because they would send the photo to us if we enter our email address. Lagi WHY NOT!! hahaha 

Just when we were about to leave, I opened the curtain and I got shy. Those ground staffs on duty were like looking at us, they must be thinking so how long do they gonna spend in there. Sorry we don't wish to too if our flight didn't reschedule the departure time.

And we got bored...and one of us still have to answer to work so get a place to rest and eat...

If you always wanted to check this cafe out and always they are full house, no sweat, please come over to Changi Airport Terminal 2 Arrival hall. LOL

Another round of morning work de do work, browse fb de browse fb, upload photo de upload photo then I watch variety show. oh yeah!! 

Waiting for clear our passport to enter departure hall for duty free shopping. One counter is closed and another is opened, so the crew came to ask people to switch lane. A few of them might probably didn't hear it so the crew spoke in louder voice, COME HERE!! My friend and I turned to look at her then look at each other. Scary!! lol 

She reminded me of the incident I met at HK International Airport. Slightly different case. The ground staff asked the people in front of me to switch to the next lane so I thought I could follow so I followed. After that, she turned to look at me and said in Cantonese, who asked you to come here? Go back to your lane. Then a little while later she said never mind just stayed here. O.O 

Go travel also can be quite stressful. haha Perhaps everyone should practise Audrey's Kempen Sopan Santun so we could have a better world and more friendlier people out there.
 Okay finally a group picture of the 6 of us. Oh yeah!!!

On the same day, our friend too touched down at Changi Airport and saw us and called one of us but we never heard it. So pity. lol 

Here is another story I must jot it down. We went to the gate earlier than the date as we were told and sigh, delayed for another 50 minutes. The  ground staff of the airline overheard our conversation and came forward with her arms crossing in front her chest. 

That lady said the aircraft is late. (Obviously we could see) So my friend was like half jokingly said, earlier at the counter you said if delayed more than 3 hours (at the counter the rescheduled time is not later than 3 hours than initial time) you could give us free coffee right? The guy kept quiet and that lady did the talking. 

Of course lor, we want to complain a little that we arrived so early and our plan got ruined. She replied with those i-am-the-boss face, you want to reach early or safely? (Hello, who are you cursing?) She said she also arrived early in the morning to standby, not only you. My friend still replied her in smiley face saying that, you get paid but we PAID them. Immediately, that old lady turned quiet. 

Sorry old lady, you shouldn't have argue with a lawyer. LOL 

No empty seats for us near the gate so we went somewhere else and went back when it's about to board. We got another round of lecture at the entrance into the waiting hall by another crew. 

He said to us, where were you? so you were sitting somewhere else and make us waiting? There's also toilet here and you can wait here. *roll eyes* Excuse me, they haven't even announced for boarding yet so everywhere was still waiting to queue. 

Never guys did not spoil our mood for our holidays!! I got fainted in the plane even before it started to take off ...too tired hehehehe 

And yeah, I thought I wanna blog about our villa too but I have decided not to. Plainly all these craps I have already spent an hour. I cannot sit still for another few hours to continue writing. Sore arms and eyes. So ciao!!

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