Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ku De Ta, Bali

Make a cup of hot lemon green tea for myself and sit down here to blog. Looking out of the window, hmmmm it's a gloomy mid-noon. I am going out in an hour so make this post fast. 

Continue to write about our imitating tai tai kind of trip in Bali. Life is so good. I was quite fascinated by those pretty shops en route to Ku De Ta. Each store has their own style and way of decorating it. It was a Friday's night but the street was pretty quiet. Perhaps it was dinner time and everyone was still dining or hiding at any restaurant.

Chance upon a boutique and never let go the chance to take a W-O-W picture in front of the mirror. Do our attires fit in the theme? hahaha

The main topic of this post is to blog our kinda posh dinner yet super yummy dinner at Ku De Ta, Bali. We were discussing about the attire if they would allow us to dine there since we don't dress formal. On the other hand, we came out one conclusion, hey this is Bali. Who wears formal in Bali? 

Wow super crowded! Told you everyone hid at the restaurant or by the beach. hahaha 

The ambiance of the restaurant/bistro is just too good. Surrounded by mostly non-Asians so I thought I was at Waikiki. *keep dreaming*

Frankly speaking, flipping the menu and looking at the price, I stunned. Bo bian, this is the first time I actually dine at such atas restaurant and eat so atas food. 

The bread is the appetiser complement with olive oil and salt. This bread is soft and fluffy. Thumbs up!!! I want MORE MORE MORE...The texture of the bread is quite moist and spongy, not those dry and hard like rock.

In the end, we were given a private room. This is like a permit for us to talk and laugh as loud as we want. So good that we could enjoy our own sweet dinner with no disturbance. hehehe

It's a fish dish.


Cod fish with sea bass. This is good.

It's a pork dish.


Here comes my order of the night. Boneless chicken with spinach and stewed tofu. When it was first served, the portion looks small to me. (Big eater's big problem) It came with a bowl of jasmine rice and I makan makan others' dish then hey hey hey, FULL. 

This is the killer of the night. Refuse to leave the restaurant without testing their desserts hence we ordered this. First mouth of it and the chef took away my heart. hahaha 

Give you another view of this devil's sponge cake from another view. That yellow apricot cream is the real bomb that gave me away.

So glad that they gave us a private room.

We moved on to the seat outside to enjoy a glass of drink and of course, the sea breeze. Done dinner and dessert everything in an air-conditioned room then I thought Bali should be HOT!

I was wrong. The wind was so strong and it was so freezy cold. Settle down a seat and ordered their local Bintang beer. Finally not cold anymore.

 The Monk.

Thanks to my friend who brought an extra blouse out in her bag and lent it to me to cover.

Okay, end this post with a picture of mine. hahaha Too many photos in a blog but I like it like it yo!! 

Quickly end it here. I still miss Ku De Ta. At first I think that the price is too high but I still think that it is expensive somehow what makes me think that it worths the price is the gathering, the nice food, the nice ambiance and of course, we earned a private room. haha Feel superior and premium. (tak atas that's why kiasu)

Give it a try if you are going to Bali. You would like it too.

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