Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Treasure those by my side

It's a cooling Tuesday. I feel good but rather lazy for the whole day. 

Well, tomorrow is another public holiday for us. Friend dated me for dinner and we chatted for almost 3 hours straight. Thank goodness she patrons that restaurant frequently and there were many empty tables. The feeling of meeting an old friend after a few months but still feel like you just met her yesterday is good. 

No awkwardness and can just start up any topic during the meeting can only be done when I am with my good old friend. Just any topic and we can continue discussing, sharing opinions and whatever we could think of. 

This is awesome. I dated with another few friends back in last Saturday for a movie and coffee date. I knew them for merely 2 years but we just clicked!! You know that feeling which you regretted that you should have know them earlier that kind of feeling. 

Friends come and friends go. Sometimes you just cannot control who want to exit from your circle and turn back into a known stranger. Hi and bye become luxury. I cannot help it but I could maintain my relationship with those who I wish to keep them in my circle or who wish to keep me in their circles. 

These two days friends shared with me how the other friends of theirs cold treated them. Well, if they don't treasure the friendship of you and them but he/she and others, nothing much you could do. At a point they might realise other friends are more important than you therefore they neglected or ignored you. So why you care? hahaha 

So treasure those who are still by your side. Say bye bye to those who left. Life is good. People come and people go, it is unnecessary to feel sad. Why you care when they do not care?

By the way, Happy Deepavali!! 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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