Saturday, January 03, 2015

Christmas at Gardens by the bay

Happy New Year 2015 everyone! Hope that I am still not too late to wish you that. My 2014 was pretty good, not much down and everything was fine. I am wishing for a better 2015, stay healthy and safe. At here, I also wish the world to be free from war and no more natural disaster. 

Okay, I have decided not to leave my many years baby just died like this so I am here to update on my Christmas day. While browsing through the SD memory card and I saw the photos taken in Bali. Okay, I might have to leave that on the other day. Christmas update first. 

Kelyn has long ago booked my Christmas weekend to be spent with her in Singapore. It's her first time experiencing the Christmas mood and I said, sure come!! I had my breakfast with my parents before heading to Changi Airport to meet her. It was my first time ever waiting for people at arrival hall alone plus we couldn't contact each other. Excited! 

Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse in shiny costumes which I personally think that Minnie looks like she is celebrating Deepavali more than Christmas. Look at that colours!! 

Dropped baggage at home and doll up before heading out to start our celebrate in a tourist's way. But first, let us take a wefie with the present we gonna exchange. Hmmmm what did we receive? 

Filled our stomach with oishii ramen!! It was at a very strange timing which is 4pm. Can't decide if it was our lunch or our early dinner. I miss the whole bowl of goodness. 

Cracked a pose with the pandas before rushing to meet our schedule. It's far but it's okay since our stomach are filled. 

Our #ootd 

TA-DAH!! Gardens by the bay is where we gonna spend a 'white' Christmas. Before walking into that floral world, take a picture with this Avatar's home building. 

Told you it's a white christmas!! The temperature in Flower Dome is colder than expected. So basically I was able to hypnotize myself that this is how celebrating Christmas in winter. 

I don't feel like I was actually in a dome but a real outdoor decoration because I smell flowers everywhere. haha 

That's me at the waterfall at Cloud Forest receiving the water wetting my armpits..ermmm I mean my head.

Take advantage of the LED screen to shine on our faces to take a wefie with the waterfall. hurray!! 

I was too lazy to go up to the sky track to have an overview of the whole gardens by the bay. 

After this area while searching way out, Kelyn's slippers decided to say goodbye to her so she left with no choice but to buy a pair of expensive slippers. I kept my eyes widely opened to remember the way to merchandise store and way back to find Kelyn. haha Sorry, that's the cheapest and only slippers that I could find.

Because of unforeseen event (e.g. got lost in searching our way out) therefore we managed to catch the performance. yeah~~ lucky!!

After that, I brought her to MBS Casino to look see look see. Our main intention is to get ourselves a cup of free drink. LOL sorry ah, I thought those people in the casino will be willing to buy me a cup of cola.

This is basically how we spent our Christmas day at Gardens by the bay. =D

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