Sunday, January 11, 2015

Level 33 @ Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1

2014 is surely the year which I started treating myself some 'atas' food at 'atas' restaurant. Even though I feel awkward dining at the restaurant, not knowing how to place my utensils or if it's ok I can feel free to use my hands for anything. But well, still a very good dining experience for soul and taste buds. haha

Kelyn got hooked by the photos shared by the friend so she made a little research on Level 33 so off we go. I was a little under dress but luckily they never stopped us from going in. Lucky us got a seat (at the counter tho) without prior reservation. There's a guy felt 'bad' for cutting our queue while we were still deciding on whether to dine there or just for a drink. So he asked is it okay to buy us a drink to 'compensate' us but we turned him down. 

Pardon us for so many #wefie. We were a little obsessed over the good lighting and environment which allow us to produce good photos. Therefore we have got #wefie from the left profile and right profile. Both are equally nice. woohoo~~

We ordered this home brewed craft beer specially from Level 33. Ehmmm I thought it would impress me but it didn't. I personally think that it tasted just like those big brands beer which I could easily buy it from the supermarket or convenience stores.

That's us posing with my chicken dish. I don't take beef and mutton so I -___-||| when I flipped open the menu. OMG what should I order and I couldn't see any fish dishes. Okay lor..settled with this chicken breast meat dish. 

This friend of mine, MM did something crazy during her recent trip to Macau. She went for the bungee jump at the Macau Tower. I remember I went up to Macau Tower and there's a square corner which is made of tempered glass so it's TRANSPARENT. We could see things few hundreds metre under our feet. My legs went jelly the moment I stepped onto it and moved away after I took photo. 

By just watching the video of her jumping from the top of the tower, my heart is almost there in my throat. A big round of applause to her!!! I am waiting to her video of sky diving in the future. 

Kelyn and her order. errr it is a dish of pasta served with I don't know what. They seemed to not like it very much. 

This is basically our main purpose to be there at Level 33. Overview of Singapore at night from their balcony. It was drizzling and wind blows then...I feel cold. FYI, we went to USS during daytime and it poured for hours. We were literally fighting with the rain and walking in the rain. I shall leave that in next post. 

But L O O K, this awesome photo taken by Kelyn.  

 Not to forget to take picture with one of the iconic buildings in Singapore - The Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

It's a great place to chill out after work with friends on Fridays or Saturdays. 

Took MRT - Downtown Line and alight at Downtown station. 
  1. Address: 8 Marina Blvd, #33-01,MBFC Tower 1, Singapore 018981
    Open today · 11:30 am – 12:00 am

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so nice! i wanna go!

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Go at least once to enjoy the awesome scenery of Singapore!

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