Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bangkok trip Day 1

I just had my dinner and too lazy to go for my shower yet hence I am here blogging about my Bangkok trip Day 1. It's also a lazy post because I didn't spend any time in editing the photos nor making collage to shorten the post. To shorten this post, I shall not write too much then. 

Spot nobody so quickly snapped a group picture of me with Mickey and Minnie yo!! 

Changi Airport's recent theme is Disney therefore they are everywhere even in waiting lounge.
Immediately reached Nu Yoke. haha

There comes my Prince Mickey to pick me up in this Disney carriage. 
White horse and pluto is in front yo. 

Too lazy to look for other restaurants and since Coffee Bean has nice views of airplanes
might as well just have our breakfast there.

Hot green tea latte was SGD2.90 when I bought it with the breakfast set. wow

 Boarded the plane
first thing, admire that handsome Thai steward first
second, watch Wu Mei Niang

Landed safely at Don Mueang Airport
Grabbing the chance to use the wifi to contact our friend who took different flight

Hop onto a taxi from the airport and headed to the hotel at Pratunam.
The driver doesn't speak English nor Mandarin so we couldn't get free tour guide
en route to hotel. lol

 Checked into our room at Hotel Vista Express.
Kei bought these meiji fruit milk while waiting for us

The holiday of 3 women, START!!!

 It was lunch time and everyone got hungry
cannot resist the temptation of street food. 
pork meatballs stick, I guess

 Then follow by having this pancake kinda of food
loaded with basil leaves 
not bad not bad

We hopped onto a taxi and came to our first stop - Terminal 21 shopping mall. 
Oh yeah, remember to tell the taxi driver to charge using the meter. 

Got tired from all the walking and found this randomly so decided to rest our legs.

No one will go on diet when he or she is in Bangkok.

That double chocolate moist cake and yogurt brownie are yummy. 
whereby that bread...hmmm...plainly normal. just bread with icing sugar.

Yeah must get a group photo of us. 
it's located at the level called 'London', if you wish to know.

that lady (in black) must be very annoyed by us chatting next to her. 

Terminal 21 is well known for its theme for each level of the mall according to 
the name of countries.

Obviously, this is Japan. 

This is San Francisco

 I like the concept of the interior design of this shopping mall. 
I also quite like how each retail store decorates their store.

very nice and artistic

That's the cinema level and we bumped into 
Buzz Light Year and Woody 

Disney characters are everywhere.

 I read from blogs saying that even the toilets have different themes 
so we made an effort to visit some of the toilets and had a little fun over there. 


Did not have any proper lunch so we were hungry
quickly hopped onto another taxi and went to Chinatown.

 The dishes may look pretty normal but trust me, they are yummy!!! 

 I am getting more and more to not able to eat spicy food.
why oh why
the squid in that fish shape plate is REALLY spicy. 
burnt my tongue

We were bloated after the dinner still die die wanna buy desserts.

The night is still young so not to waste it, we went to Asiatique
a place where some of the BKK designers gather

They are creative in making handicrafts and accessories.
some are really unique and it takes patience to slowly discover those gems

Asiatique is like a maze, better buy the thing you want 
as it may be difficult to look for the same shop again.

These two shops are the place where I see how crazy the tourists are
They pin point this and that to the shopkeeper and said, give me a box of each

Then I came to realise this is also the influence of bloggers
I too read Taiwanese bloggers' post and it's a common scene to see them
posting photo of food they buy

I am just curious, how much is their baggage allowance?
how are they going to lug their baggage back home? 

I was calm in buying only some as CNY supplies 
since majority of them can be bought back in Malaysia
so I save the money for other things instead.


Phew~ it took so long for me to complete a simple post like this. 

Tomorrow is the CNY eve and also the last day of Horse year 
Wann is here to wish everyone Happy Goat's Year and a prosperous year ahead

Stay healthy and safe.

Update this space again in next year. lol

Wisdom is only found in truth

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