Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bali Trip - Day 3

The weather is getting hot so gotta turn on the air-con in my room before I could write this post like a journalist. *patternliaoliao And also not to forget a packet of tissue paper standby on the table to wipe off the secretly sliding down mucus. Catching a cold is really irritating especially when the skin around the nose all peeled off. I AM A SNAKE!!

I am here again because turning on laptop to do something so while waiting for it to complete, might as well come here to crap. After my Bali trip Day 2 醉生夢死巴厘島之旅 , I have decided to resume writing on this trip and to conclude it too. 

Many have said, it is a must to try babi guling when you are in Bali. It's one of their famous local delicacies. Friends have been yelling for this since day 1 so finally driver brought us for brunch on day 3. 

I was stunned when it is served. I scanned through everything in the plate, took a few bites for tasting and I was done. I pushed my plate to the middle and let them share. Hmmm it's not a dish I truly appreciate it. Sorry. 

Worst still, they put the whole roasted pig at their stall. From head to tail. I remember last time my BIL brought one big roasted pig as betrothal gift to us, it's also a whole complete pig. I did not eat a single piece of it. I feel... 

Day 3 is basically a tourist spots hopping day for us. This is our first stop - Tanah Lot. Mr. Sun was too passionate but fret not, we have got our sunnies ready. Slapped on lotsa sun screen cream too. The problem for being at outdoor. 

 Friend just so in time snapping down this photo when the wave came and look, our expressions were kinda hilarious. Completely shock. haha

Stopped by a nursery to buy a garden lamp so we took this opportunity to cross the road and went to the paddy field. My friend just sneakily helped herself with one stalk for souvenir. LOL
And then, it's Balinese massage time. Oh gosh, I was really shy to fully enjoy myself during the massage. I don't really enjoy letting people touching me in nude. LOL It's even awkward when you have to go naked in front of your friend. I just used whatever that could cover to cover myself lah. hahaha don't think I could go to onsen in Japan. 

 Make use of the pavilion at the massage parlour. We can be posers too if we want to. erhem 

 And then move on to Aya resort, an atas place where Rock Bar is located at. We were there just for a drink and enjoying the scenery by the cliff. 

The moment when you get to connect to the free Wifi provided at foreign country, let's update ourselves from social media first.

We did not manage to get a seat but at least we had a 'stand seat' there at the bar enjoying the music played, mesmerized by the sunset, thinking how the DJ not afraid of height while walking to his disc and if I ever visit Bali again, could I stay there? hahaha

So you know, who was in the toilet. LOL

So we walked to 'The Corner House' which is really at the corner of a junction at Seminyak. Me and HK just popped in the convenience store to grab a bottle of vodka soda, drink it while walking to the meet the girls. 

Before that, I already had a McD chicken burger happy meal set because I wanted to get the Doraemon toy for my niece. So I merely ordered a brownie with vanila ice cream and a cup of caramel macchiato one shot. That one shot freaked me out, it's sour!! So I distributed it out again. 

It's the last night and we have got no souvenirs in our bags yet. Just nice there's a convenience store (more to a mini mart) on the way back to our villa, so we gone wild there. Buying t-shirts, badges and post cards.

So ta-dah!! The roommate bought the same dress to wear on the last day. I have the tendency to do this when I go out with friends but always friend ffk me after buying it. They don't wear it as they promise to wear it on the last day for airport fashion. haha 

Finally I am done with my Bali trip. It was a really awesome trip with my high school classmates. You are allowed to do whatever crazy things with them and also discuss some serious stuffs with them too. They will open their ears to listen and give you advices. Not just smirk. haha 

Thinking of the discussion we had on the mission of the trip makes me laugh to myself. Only the insiders know, why is it an AGM. 

Till then, bye!

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