Sunday, March 08, 2015

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Trick eye museum, as the name said it supposed to trick your eyes making your believe that it's real.
Lucky me visiting museum expecting long queue but I went in straight after reaching the place. Got a little excited over those props/arts for me to take pictures with.

I actually thought of sharing all but on second thought, it's better that I pick a few best to show instead. Come join my journey now. 

It's a dream to have a drink/picnic at the garden. Pardon me for underdressed...

Mind to join us for high tea? her dress is quite functionable.

 Looks like I am not afraid of the big cobra despite already climbed up to the ceiling.

I would advise you to tie your hair before going for sky diving to assure your own safety.
I doubt my instructor could see the world. LOL

H E L P ! ! ! ! 

I can do floating too 

Be a mermaid is my thing.

A ride with my wolverine 

I don't care what's your name, just pull me up the cliff please!! 

My date of the day. Do Min Joon-ssi

racing at the turf club is one of my hobbies

Gymnastic is my way

Because I can dance ballad. 

Last one
Go Merlion Go!! Bring me to the brighter future of everyone. 

Here comes to the end of this post. 
It took only a good 3 hours for me to fool around in the museum taking lotsa photos
for memories purpose. 

Pick your visitation date wisely, that's what I could advise. 
Thinking of going there during public holiday or eve, dump that idea please.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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