Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Today is Wednesday, middle of a week and also middle of the month of April.

Whenever I am lazy to do what I am suppose to do, I will tell myself there is tomorrow or do it tomorrow. Time flies~ When I look at the calendar and I feel like slapping myself. What have I done for the past few months in 2015? 

That's my life. 

Someone told me, hey I think you have the ability to earn RM10k monthly salary too. Go explore, enter big company and take up responsibilities. That amount of salary is indeed alluring. But seriously, can I? I am finding all sort of excuses to stay in my comfort zone and afraid of changes. That's like the dream minimal salary that one wishes to credit into the bank account every month. More is even better. RM120k of annual income sounds super cool. 

To earn such money, saving of travelling funds would be faster to reach to suffice for few trips within or outside Malaysia. Depreciation of Ringgit Malaysia really makes our purchase power even smaller regardless where we Malaysians are. Work smart, earn more and play hard!! 

Yeah, good luck everyone!!! Huat ahhhhh

Wisdom is only found in truth

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