Saturday, April 11, 2015

Children Little Museum @ Arab Street

It was a fine Saturday morning where we planned to go hangout at Haji Lane. We walked around without directions or plans merely to relax and also in search of the famous murals to take photos. None of us brought a real camera for this suppose to take many photos as per agenda. But fret not, phone cameras werk the way!! 

To be honest, it was my first time there and got hooked on by its Arabic atmosphere. Most of the shops were still closed during our arrival at mid-noon and opened when we were about to leave in the evening. So yeah, we should go for a drink at night next time. Roaming from this jalan to next jalan and we chanced upon this shop. 

Got attracted by the set up of this shop so we stopped to take a few pictures before we called upon by the uncle to enter the shop to have a look. haha He told us there's a little museum upstairs with entrance fees at SGD2. We hesitated for a few seconds and decided to go. Uncle spoke Cantonese to us thinking that we are from Hong Kong. 

Uncle was so friendly and outgoing so he was really helpful in taking photos for us and even taking of the arrangement of the photos. He even knew must touch the screen to make it brighter before taking photos. Thumbs up!!

We went upstairs and a little disappointed over the size of the museum. It was really small and not what we thought it should be. However, we still spent a good 30 minutes entertaining ourselves with the props and fooling around with each other. We earn lotsa good photos at this place tho. 

Let me introduce the member of our group

So we are known as the Weekend (WKD) who normally meet during weekends. That makes sense after using the initial of our names to form the group name. hahaha

This shop is like a hidden gem to me. We had a great time taking pictures and looking at those vintage items which we don't see them anymore in the market. That was fun!

Present to you our photo, a pretentious girl band - WKD!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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