Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mr. Jone's Orphanage @ Siam Center

The name of the cafe by itself is already an attraction to magnet-tize people to patronage the cafe. When I first heard of the name, so why was it named as an orphanage? WHY? And obviously till date, I did not take initiation to find out the story behind the name. 

With the advanced technology, I have seen this picture many times before I actually see it with my naked eyes. The display of the cakes alone is a thumb's up already. The spotlight is on, all cakes are shining bright like a diamond and looking pretty tempting. 

Just right before my trip, I read about a blogger's review on this cafe saying that everything is overrated and the seat is too narrow. Self preparation was done before stepping in therefore expectation has dropped as well. 

I was having a hard time choosing over those beverages with fancy names. It took me some time to analyse what kind of beverage would I be served on what I had ordered. I turned to look around, hey people at next tables mostly helped themselves to the foc sky juice provided. Okay lah, I ordered a cup of caramel macchiato and it tasted really meh. 

That's me attacking the orange flavoured kinda of butter cake and the one nearer is strawberry sponge cake. The taste of the food and beverages is just average. Nothing much to rave about. 

Yeah, really got to because this coffee is too sour to my liking. Took only a few sip and said bye bye to it. 

Even though the seat has limited space but it will be a nice place for one to study. Look, there's a lamp, just nice!! 

For one who has not tried this before yet with limited time to spare in Bangkok, I would suggest you to give it a miss. Not really a must-to-go cafe unless you insist to go like I did. haha 

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