Friday, April 03, 2015

Universal Studio Singapore, Christmas deco 2014

The blog's URL has changed and (if you are a regular reader of mine) congrats on reaching this space again!! For any new reader, hello. I am just trying to imagine there is. Why change it? Simply because I wanna shorten it. We are already here in the 2nd quarter of 2015, it's time for a change in a good way.

Just when I was still thinking what should I blog, which trip to blog in this post then I saw Kelyn's latest post about our visit to Universal Studio Singapore last december. My last visit to USS was in Feb 2011 and was quite excited to play those new rides. woohoo

The week before Hiu Kei asked me if wanna go Orchard road for Boxing day shopping and I told her our plan therefore she joined us. It was considered as a long weekend hence traffic jam is expected at the causeway. Kelyn and I were already in Singapore so no rushing. 

It is a must to take picture with the big globe. Indeed, we queued for half an hour to take the monorail from Vivo City to Sentosa Waterfront station. I was shocked to see the crowd but luckily I have my CEPAS card with me. hmmm still wish to call it EZ link card though. lol

It was raining cats and dogs which explained why sheltered area was people mountain people sea.
We can't afford to spend few hours for one ride therefore we opt for single rider queue.
Still, we queued for 1 hour plus for each ride. 

Transformers ride made me dizzy. hahaha Too violent. 
Still I prefered the ride with Egypt theme.

 Welcome to my castle...

I was substituting Elmo but got my outfit totally wrong! 

That's all for my USS trip. We have no luck to tour every corner of USS due to the rain therefore we decided to leave early. Hiu Kei rushed back to meet our girlfriends whereas Kelyn and I dated our girlfriend too. 

We went to Level 33 till late night but fret not, it's in Singapore!! 
That's how much confidence I have in it although if I were alone, I still ganjiong lah. 

that's all!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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