Sunday, May 03, 2015

Homemade tea break

Hi it's Sunday, the end of the long weekend. My weekend was fruitful in a way that I made a few meals for myself. My family doesn't really know how to appreciate food that I prepared. haha 

RYG sandwich by me! One criteria for sandwich to look tasty is to look colourful. Throw in tomato (red), egg (yellow) and cucumber (green).  Then suddenly I thought of creating a new hashtag for my DIY food at Instagram which is #onejellybakery and #onejellycafe

More photos to come under the collection of both hashtags. BTW, my #wannfoodhunt has total 100 photos now. It's a new milestone achieved.

I totally cannot resist simple and easy recipe that produce nice food. I saw this recipe shared by fourfeetnine and caused my hands very itchy. Got the ingredients ready, rush home to prepare. hehe 

They don't look presentable but trust me, they are yummy!!! They are nicer while still warm. It is called egg muffin and tasted quite like an egg tart too. It's best food to serve at a party. 

Lastly, I even made a honey fruit toast topped with vanila ice cream. It's also an easy recipe to prepare it if you know where to get uncut white loaf. But aiyoyo, the white loaf is a bit out of shape and hard to cut. 

Kelyn asked me how does it taste? I replied, tasted just like bread. hahaha Seriously, nothing fancy but it saves me lot of money if I were to dine at a cafe. I went to a dessert shop yesterday and saw it is priced at RM20 and above then I never ordered it. 

As things are getting expensive and getting more pricey to dine outside, I am trying to please myself by preparing food and snap photo of it to make myself happy. At least I am well occupied for few hours. 

I am practising to whip a good meal soon although not many know how to appreciate it. haha It's okay...okay I will continue to cook to sharpen my cooking skills. hahahaha

Wisdom is only found in truth

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