Saturday, June 06, 2015


Hello dear blog!

I have been busy with many things from work related stuffs to personal dealings. I used to update my blog immediately after each trip but now I am getting lazier. Photos are still stored in my hard disk waiting for me to give them a chance to show to the world. My current biggest mission is to do savings therefore I couldn't see too much of photos or articles related to travelling in any corner of this world. The hands would get itchy when you see friends posting photos of where they go to. Hit that hand and tap that finger which click on 'Book Now'. 


See no evil and I shall no wants for that. haha I assume it is so easy like that. 

I have yet to travel to many places but each trip makes me learned something that I don't get to learn at home or in Malaysia. It's quite interesting. I completed my academic studies all in Malaysia therefore I did not get to experience foreign country's culture by being their resident. That's why I think those who went for a few weeks course or a few months work and travel programme are cool. 

Life is still pretty beautiful in its own way. And stop munching on those fatty food...if only I don't get fat by eating then life is even more awesome haha 

Just realised today's date is 06 June. 9 years ago I was at HK disneyland enjoying my life. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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